This week’s roundup, includes tips to create effective CRM strategies for your business, implement 301 redirects for SEO, and generate high Conversion traffic for your website.

Learn how to create a positive Online Reputation for your small business, and make your Email Marketing campaigns more effective. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • How to know if your client is getting ready to fire you.
  • Tech or talk? What’s the best way to communicate with clients?

Content Marketing:

  • Jennifer Kelly highlights the merits of outsourcing the process of Content Marketing for your business.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Nantale Muwonge to enhance your Content Marketing efforts in the year 2018.
  • Jan Gordon offers guidance to evaluate the effectiveness of your Content Marketing strategy.
  • Annie Pilon emphasizes the need for prioritizing Content ideas and improving social media engagement, to make your Content Marketing campaigns impactful.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Learn how to create an effective strategy for generating high Conversion traffic to your website, from Martin Andrews’s blog.
  • Siena Sara draws special attention to the commonly made CRO mistakes and offers guidance for marketers to avoid them.
  • Azman Nabi highlights landing page strategies for improving user engagement and prompting visitors to perform the desired action that is deemed as a Conversion.


  • Follow the tips from Mehul Shah to create effective CRM strategies for your business.

Email Marketing:

  • Alisa Bagrii’s blog lists the Email Marketing mistakes that can hamper the marketing efforts of businesses and offers guidance to avoid such mistakes.
  • Lori Lynn Smith discusses why it is imperative to have a clear understanding of your audience and define clear objectives, for making your Email Marketing campaigns more effective.
  • Brian Clark highlights smart ways to help marketers get more prospects from their Email Marketing leads.

Local SEO:

  • Learn how Local SEO can help marketers to establish brands, augment traffic, boost sales and enjoy long term ROI, from Scott Gombar’s blog.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Garry Grant offers guidance for marketers to prepare for Google’s Mobile first index.
  • Bernadette Coleman discusses how Google’s Mobile first index would impact Local SEO and offers tips to gear up for this update.
  • Amanda G. Watlington draws special attention to the impact that Google’s Mobile first index would have on your business and provides guidance to keep pace with it.

Reputation Management:

  • Ryan Esco highlights the significance of Online Reputation Management in today’s scenario and offers guidance to incorporate it in small business marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Learn how to implement 301 redirects for SEO, from Jobin John’s blog.
  • Jake Baadsgaard highlights how the strategy adopted for SEO keyword research differs from that of PPC and offers guidance to create an effective keyword strategy for both channels.
  • Roman Kniahynyckyj offers guidance to analyze and improve your website traffic, from an SEO standpoint.
  • Ride Elamri emphasizes the need to be clear about your objectives, filter your keywords and have an effective landing page, for achieving desired results with SEO keyword research.

Social Optimization:

  • Ken Tucker draws special attention to Social Content Marketing trends that can help marketers track their Social activities.
  • Douglas Karr offers useful tips to improve Social Media engagement.
  • Learn how to generate leads for your B2B business using Social Media, from Abdul Aziz’s blog.


  • Learn how UI colors can influence user behavior and drive conversions, from Steven Douglas’s blog.
  • Frank DePino discusses how having a good UX can help marketers to tell brand stories, increase conversions and improve their entire marketing strategy.