This week’s roundup, includes tips to increase revenue using Social Media, maintain a good Online Reputation, and create an effective Content Marketing strategy.

Learn how to Convert more leads to sales, and improve the performance of your Email Marketing campaigns. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

Content Marketing:

  • Learn how to use non obvious thinking to create better Content, from Kim Moutsos’s blog.
  • Khushi Srivastava highlights the importance of having a Content Marketing strategy to improve the sales of your business.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Tania Brooks to create an effective Content Marketing strategy.
  • Sharon Hurley Hall offers guidance to use keywords in your Content, for increasing traffic, leads and sales of your business.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Shawn Herring emphasizes the need to improve page speeds, target the right keywords and perform A/B testing on the pages, for improving your website Conversion rate.
  • Safwan Khan discusses how strategies such as stating the benefits of your product, including social media follower counts and giving a clear value proposition can increase Conversion rate.
  • Olivia Walls offers actionable tips to help marketers Convert more leads to sales.


  • Jaime Nacach offers guidance to employ the best practices in CRM for improving client on boarding.

Email Marketing:

  • Matthew Ruddle offers helpful tips to improve the open rates, click through rates and conversions of your Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Neil Dagger draws special attention to commonly made Email Marketing mistakes and offers guidance for marketers to avoid mistakes.
  • Jess Pantalleresco discusses the scenario of Email Marketing metrics to help marketers create successful data driven Email Marketing campaigns.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Megan Totka draws special attention to the expected Mobile Marketing trends in 2018 along with the key components, from Megan Totka’s blog.
  • Patricio Robles highlights the functionality of Google’s Mobile first indexing, to help marketers prepare for this roll out.

Reputation Management:

  • Jenii Lowe discusses how strategies such as keeping information accurate and creating processes to encourage reviews, can help businesses maintain a good Online Reputation.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Jobin John lists the On-Page techniques to help webmasters with their SEO efforts.
  • John Vargo provides useful tips and highlights important techniques to help the beginners in SEO.
  • Andrew Lowen highlights what web 3.0 means for SEO and lists the web 3.0 friendly SEO practices, to help marketers prepare for the web of tomorrow.
  • Going Clear’s blog discusses how the tactics used for securing top rankings in SERPs have evolved over the years.
  • Learn how the increase in length of meta descriptions can impact your SEO strategy, from Jim Bader’s blog.

Social Optimization:

  • Disha Dinesh offers succinct tips to increase revenue using Social Media.
  • Learn how Social Media can help marketers to improve rankings in Google, increase conversion rate, create brand awareness and drive more traffic for websites, from Josiah Bussing’s blog.
  • Amanda MacArthur provides guidance to create a Social Media Optimization strategy.


  • Abdul Suleiman highlights the significance of UX Design in influencing visitors’ decisions.
  • Amy Smith offers valuable UX and UI Design tips for beginners to learn and practice.

Website Design:

  • Steven Douglas draws special attention to the features of a local website in terms of design and usability.