This week’s roundup includes tips to use the latest trends for leveraging your Social Media campaigns, perform SEO keyword research in the right manner, and create an effective Content Marketing strategy.

Learn how to optimize your Mobile website, and generate more revenue with Online Reputation Management. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Erika Dickstein discusses how to keep your own marketing operations on the front burner.
  • Logan Johnson shares a quick guide to Google responsive search ads.
  • Chris Alvarez offers tips for working with a video production company for your next event.

Content Marketing:

  • Gene Armstrong emphasizes the need for creating original Content, personalizing your message and encouraging user generated Content, to boost your Content Marketing efforts.
  • Andrew Witkin offers valuable tips to create an effective Content Marketing strategy.
  • Neel Sinha highlights the significance of Content Marketing for your brand in the year 2019.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Rich Ord to improve the performance of your Content Marketing campaigns.
  • Omar Akhtar draws special attention to the Content Marketing trends that will define the year 2019.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Zulfa’s blog presents actionable strategies to increase your form Conversions.
  • Samantha Kerr highlights the importance of CRO in today’s scenario.
  • Kirsten Lyons underscores the need for using creative CTAs and optimizing your landing pages, to increase your Conversion rate.
  • Learn how to optimize your landing page for Conversions, from Sumeet Manhas’s blog.

Email Marketing:

  • Chelsey Church draws special attention to insights from Email Marketing experts.
  • Follow the tips from Jenna Tiffany to create an effective Email Marketing strategy.
  • Thomas Griffin highlights the key phrases that Email Marketers must be familiar with, to evaluate, monitor and run their campaigns in an effective manner.

Local Optimization:

  • Kevin Watts highlights the SEO statistics that show you the actual value of Local optimization.
  • Learn how strategies such as creating compelling page titles and descriptions with a schema markup can help marketers effectively manage Local SEO campaigns, from Ryan Bundo’s blog.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Elaine Frieman highlights the best practices for optimizing your website, from the standpoint of Mobile.

Reputation Management:

  • Michelle Joe offers Online Reputation Management tips to help marketers generate more revenue and take the lead in the current competitive landscape.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Britta Curkovic discusses why it is imperative for SEO marketers to incorporate voice search SEO, video content and Mobile first indexing into their strategies.
  • Nick Bennett offers guidance to help marketers perform SEO keyword research in a meticulous and effective manner.

Social Optimization:

  • Shamnas highlights the Social Media trends that you can expect to see in the year 2019.
  • Heather Satterfield discusses how algorithm changes and GIFs would trend in the field of Social Media in the year 2019.
  • Nathan Mendenhall highlights how the speed of your website can negatively impact the performance of your Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Website Design:

  • John Moore Williams lists the Web Design trends that will enable marketers to stay ahead of the curve in the year 2019.
  • Alan Smith highlights how the Web Design trends in the year 2019, will be mainly about gradient color schemes, artistic footers and storytelling.

UI/UX Design:

  • Diona Kidd highlights how UX is important for the success of your SEO campaigns.
  • Maria Valdez Haubrich’s blog outlines the trends that will influence your UX Design strategies in the year 2019.