is, as you know, at the forefront of inbound marketing. Practically all of your marketing initiatives online focus on content. Naturally, good copywriting skills are nice to have if you’re trying to market your wares on the Web. But not everyone is a natural-born writer, and even if you have decent writing abilities, you may not be a great copywriter. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to refer to these 25 exceptional resources (listed in no particular order) for copywriting and editing to enhance your flair with the pen.

  1. Copyblogger – When it comes to copywriting, few resources are better known and respected than Copyblogger. From articles and ebooks to webinars and seminars, Copyblogger is the go-to source for improving your copywriting craft.
  2. The Content Marketing Institute – Another top-notch resource for online marketers who want to get their copywriting groove on, The Content Marketing Institute delivers advice, tips and industry news via a newsletter, blog, downloadable goodies and more.
  3. Men with Pens – These guys know their pens, and they’re sharing all their professional tricks of the trade with you. Only thing is “these guys” aren’t actually guys. In fact they’re not “they.” James Chartrand is the pen name for a very savvy female copywriter—but you won’t find her real name. She prefers to stick with “James,” which has earned her many lucrative gigs. Doesn’t really matter though, because James certainly has a flair for writing and for sharing all those savvy tips to help you become a better copywriter, too.
  4. Michael Fortin – An expert copywriter and consultant, Michael Fortin shares an abundance of copywriting and editing information free, just for you, at his blog. He’s on top of all the latest expert copywriting courses and resources, so if you’re looking for an up-and-coming training series, Michael’s blog is the one to follow.
  5. Bob Bly – Another great copywriting mastermind, Bob Bly is well-regarded in the industry as one of the leading copywriting experts on the Web. Bob has thirty years of copywriting experience under his belt, along with an impressive roster of clients and previous work.
  6. The Copywriter’s Crucible – Matt Ambrose is the genius behind The Copywriter’s Crucible, packed with expert guidance on everything from writing compelling copy for videos to tips on mastering the art of persuasion with the written word.
  7. – Where would be the first place you’d turn if you were looking for expert copywriting guidance? certainly seems like a logical place to start, and disappoint it won’t. Get info on pesky grammar rules (and when it’s okay to break them), copywriting for social media, mastering your blog writing prowess and much more.
  8. Write to Done – Whether you’re writing for business, copywriting for clients, trying to enhance your blogging skills or just want to up your way with words a notch or two, Write to Done has plenty of advice for beginners to expert-level writers.
  9. Wordfeeder – Wordfeeder is a great resource for small businesses who want to get started making an impact online. You’ll find useful information on article submission (does anyone even do that anymore? If that’s what you’re thinking, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find here), informational resources for mastering email marketing, links to other superb copywriting sites and much more.
  10. Market Copywriter BlogLorraine Thompson shares her advice, tools and resources on copywriting based on her 25-plus years of experience in the industry. She’s not shy about sharing the wealth, either, with an impressive collection of her own favorite resources that she relies on to stay at the top of her game.
  11. WOW! Women on WritingWomen on Writing is—as its name suggests—a group of exceptionally talented women offering up their copywriting expertise to the masses. But that’s not to say only women can benefit from the information here. You’ll find an impressive list of some of the most skilled female copywriters in the biz, resources on grammar and style, links to writers’ organizations and writing prompts—and of course, a blog jam-packed with valuable advice to enhance your copy.
  12. Kevin Hill Copy – Kevin Hill is a direct response copywriter, also known as “The Professor of High Response.” If you’re trying to write more persuasive copy for sales or landing pages, Kevin’s blog is a great resource. You can also download his free, 52-point marketing and advertising checklist to keep yourself on track.
  13. Confident Marketer – Sue Painter offers a free downloadable guide to copywriting for business owners, as well as more tips and advice on her blog.
  14. Copy Hackers – “Where startups learn to write copy,” is the Copy Hackers’ tagline, and it’s totally fitting for a site that provides a slew of freebie goodies for startups, and any business owner really, who wants to get a grip on the skill of copywriting. Ebooks, courses, worksheets, cheat sheets, and more, galore.
  15. Contentrix – Contentrix’s free swipe file, “Content Marketing Results,” is a great place to start if you’re stuck on headlines, transitions and other tricky copy elements. But we definitely suggest checking out the free, 19-week course and regular copywriting advice dished out via the blog, as well.
  16. John Carlton’s “The Rant” – John Carlton has been blogging here since December 2004, so you can imagine the wealth of information that’s just a few clicks away. The great thing about John is that if you want it straight, he’ll give it to ya, with no beating around the bush. We like a straight-shooter, especially one who is so generous with the inner-workings of his masterful copywriting mind.
  17. The Gary Halbert Letter – If you’re trying to refine your persuasive writing skills, you’ll want to study The Gary Halbert Letter. This archived collection of sales letters written by the legendary Gary Halbert is one of the most highly regarded examples of sales copywriting in existence. All the cool copywriters refer to The Gary Halbert Letter as a must-read.
  18. – Joe Robson’s site is packed with valuable tools and tips for enhancing the quality of your Web copy. If courses are your thing, he’s got a few of those, too.
  19. Psycho Tactics – Freaked out? If you want your copy to convert visitors to customers, you have to understand the mind of your audience. And that’s what Psycho Tactics is all about—understanding how your customers think, feel and what will make them act. Then transfer that information to creating compelling copy that strikes the right chords with your readers. Viola! While Psycho Tactics focuses on Internet marketing as a whole, there are specific resources available just for copywriting, article writing and even information marketing.
  20. The Copywriter’s Roundtable – John Forde’s The Copywriter’s Roundtable is dedicated to the art of writing copy—including information on the writing process, brainstorming, creativity, headlines, making the sale and much more. Some of it is geared towards the business side of freelance copywriting, but there’s plenty of valuable advice here for anyone who wants to improve their copywriting skills.
  21. Dan Kennedy – Dan Kennedy thrives on helping entrepreneurs master the world of marketing a small business. Much of that, of course, revolves around messaging—through direct response marketing, email marketing, traditional marketing, and advertising—which drills down to copywriting. Kennedy covers it all.
  22. Lousy Writer – This site is dedicated to lousy writers. Actually, it’s dedicated to turning lousy writers into better writers, even incredible writers. Want to join the club? Start perusing through the dozens of tutorials and resources here to help you start re-grasping all that stuff you were supposed to pay attention to in high school English class, and are now wishing you had.
  23. Wonder Grow – Formerly known as Copylicious, Wonder Grow is the brainchild of Kelly Parkinson, born from her own vision to restructure and refocus her business. Her blog is chock full of great copywriting advice to help businesses boost their copywriting know-how.
  24. Steve Fabian’s “The Newbie’s Guide to Persuasive Copywriting” – Steve Fabian’s site has a bunch of great resources for online business, but his free copywriting e-book is just what you need to figure out the world of copywriting if you’re new to the idea of writing for an audience.
  25. Sparksheet – Last but certainly not least, Sparksheet is a go-to hub for getting the most up-to-date tools and tips for content marketing. If you’re looking for a resource that bridges the information gap between journalism and marketing, this is it.


Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer – We’ve named quite a few websites and blogs that are packed with valuable information, but how about a cool copywriting tool? If headlines are your nemesis, check out the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer for instant feedback on how much your headline sucks in terms of “Emotional Marketing Value” (if you’ve read any of the other resources here, you’ll have a pretty good idea what that term means).

If your copywriting skills are just so-so, or even if you totally rock the pen but are always trying to improve your craft, these 25 resources will provide you with plenty of food for thought and tips to put to use. Even some of the biggest names on this list will admit they’re not perfect, and many of them learn from each other. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?