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What is content? It is material created to resonate with an audience. These days everyone thinks they can write good content. Shooting a video is easy. Writing a blog post is easier. However, crafting excellent material is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

This is because great content does not depend on the medium by which a creator publishes but instead depends on the value brought into the message. Creating a compelling experience for your audience takes practice, skill, and time, no matter what type of content or industry you’re in.

On the other hand, a lot of small business owners feel pressured by the prospect of crafting good content. It might be difficult to capture the story of their company and distribute it in a way that is valuable (and free) to their customers. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 content creators under the age of 30 to demonstrate the value that business owners and marketers are bringing to the table. These self-publishers go above and beyond to engineer quality information into the minds of their readers. They set an example that we all hope to (and should) follow as content distributors and small businesses.

You might be thinking that these blogs are all personal brands,  and they do not apply to your business. However, the common thread among all of these producers is that their writing comes from experience. As an experienced business owner, writing and publishing compelling content is that much more valuable for your target audience.

Be prepared to take some notes. These guys are experts at writing content that spreads.


  1. Adam Besvinick – Adam Besvinick’s blog, Ventureminded.me, focuses on helping people understand the startup and venture capital mindset through the eyes of a Harvard Business School student. If you don’t mind a little sports thrown in, Adam’s blog is an example of worthwhile content that challenges the reader to think outside the box in business and life.
  2. Amber RaeAmber Rae is a person who likes to think big and boldly, and this perspective comes through in her writing. Part entrepreneur, part inspirational creator, Amber writes more than platitudes; she blogs about her life experiences and how they will affect other people.
  3. Carlos MiceliCarlos Miceli is a business strategist who writes about philosophy, business, and life. Read his blog if you’re looking for personal takes on employment, entrepreneurship and other modern world issues.
  4. Charlie HoehnCharlie Hoehn is the marketing mastermind behind several bestselling books and has worked with brilliant minds like Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss. Charlie shares his thoughts on the benefits of free work and inspirational insights on entrepreneurship.
  5. Colin Wright – An entrepreneur who started several businesses from the comfort of his laptop, Colin is a traveling online business owner who often shares what he learned living within the confines of different cultures. Read his blog posts at Exile Lifestyle for more wise insights.
  6. Matt Chevy – Matt’s blog, Life Without Pants, chronicles his journey from college graduate looking for a job to becoming a successful business owner. It is a competitive world out there, but if you want to stay grounded and figure out what to accomplish next, read this this excellent resource.
  7. Scott Britton – Scott offers fantastic practical tips from his experiences working in business development. From hidden applications that pinpoint a potential lead’s contact information to diverse tips on eating properly, read the Life-Long Learner blog if you’re looking for uncommon insider information.
  8. Smit Patel – In his blog, Smit Patel teaches his audience the true meaning of startup hustle. Smit shares his opinions on how to network, interning at top startups, and business marketing.


  1. Ashley Ambirge – The material in the Middle Finger Project is not for everyone. It is unequivocally bold, frank, and intensely expressive. That being said… why shouldn’t it be? Ashley Ambirge’s passion comes forward in her content, and she has a dedicated following as a result. Her blog is storytelling at its very best.
  2. Derek Halpern – As an expert in the psychology of digital marketing, Derek Halpern’s blog, Social Triggers, contains several podcasts from experienced marketers and psychologists. He also includes the best tips on how to structure blog content to capture and build a substantial audience. If you’re new to content marketing, check out this blog on how to do it right.
  3. Glen Allsopp – Glen Allsopp’s blog, ViperChill, holds a wealth of knowledge that specializes in affiliate and content marketing, as well as uncommon SEO tips.  Much of the information he expresses originates from trial, error, and experimentation.
  4. Henri JunttilaWakeUpCloud is a resource covering in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs as well as video content on life and business philosophy. The website focuses on creating a lifestyle business with article marketing, but like many of the best marketers, Henri offers case studies on the tactics he learned to become successful.
  5. Jessica LawlorJessica Lawlor is a young twenty-something who succeeds in marketing, PR, and freelance writing. She presents advice for new grads and young people starting out in the real world.
  6. Mars Dorian  – If you’re looking for a content marketer who expresses himself through artistic chaos, check out Mars Dorian. He captures his crowd through the visuals of his design as well as the depth of his content.
  7. Mayi Carles – Looking for expressive videos and in-depth courses on blogging? Well, look no further! Mayi Carles uses her knowledge of design to enrapture her audience under the spell of productive thinking and right action.
  8. Neville Medhora – A successful entrepreneur, Neville documents his finances and helps other people do the same in his blog. Follow the Neville’s Financial Blog if you’re looking for a quirky take on financial management.

Lifestyle Design

  1. Gala Darling – With most of her material concentrated on fashion and inspiration, Gala Darling is a style blogger. Her blog stands out because she showcases fashion that she wears out in the world, and each time it’s wrapped in a compelling life story or cause.
  2. Jenny Blake – A seasoned marketer and former Google employee, Jenny Blake crafts thoughtful content on her blog, Life After College. She offers guidance to twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out post-grad life.
  3. Joel Runyon – Joel Runyon is a lifestyle business designer, encouraging his readership to attempt the seemingly impossible. He tells stories that humanize his blog and personal brand. Read his blog, Impossible HQ, to learn examples of what Joel is creating.
  4. Maneesh Sethi – Maneesh’s blog, Hack the System, is an uncommon guide to the life of a successful entrepreneur and expat. Check out this blog for expert hacks and tricks on how to make an impact using your personal story.
  5. Melissa Joy Kong – As the editor-in-chief of Technori, Melissa Joy Kong is passionate about the written word. Her blog deals mainly with personal development and helping people find their purpose. Read this tumblog if you are really into self-improvement.
  6. Sean Ogle – One great attribute about reading stories from a personal brand is to understand the ups and downs of a human behind the brand. Sean’s blog, Location 180, is composed of ideas for people striving to achieve their dreams, and readers can relate to Sean easily.
  7. Steve Kamb – Exercise enthusiast extraordinaire, Steve Kamb mobilizes his followers to encourage the benefits of healthy exercise. The Nerd Fitness blog also provides enough meat (through fitness guides and reader testimonials) to keep readers educated, satisfied, and more successful in their undertakings to become fit!
  8. Therese Schwenkler – The Unlost is a guide written for young people (mostly young women) trying to figure out their purpose in the world. Therese composes helpful information to provide her audience with personal and true-to-life insight to make educated life decisions. Check out the Unlost and see for yourself.
  9. Tyler Tervooren – Self-proclaimed Professor of Advanced Riskology, Tyler Teervooren demonstrates that his blog is for risk-takers and entrepreneur. If you’re interested in learning life hacks and motivation for taking risks, Tyler Tervooren is your man.
  10. Scott H. YoungScott H. Young is an entrepreneur, programmer, and writer who conducts experiments in lifestyle design. Blog subjects range from taking an entire MIT computer science course without having actually officially enrolled to learning how to double your reading rate.

We searched long and hard to find these content marketers. Do you know of any other inventive creators under 30 who dedicate their time to creating invaluable resources? Let us know in the comments section below.