Twitter was the hottest thing to hit the “social media for business marketing” scene until Pinterest came along…but that doesn’t mean Twitter still isn’t a bangin’ social network to get your marketing groove on. We’ve identified 25 of the most useful blogs out there in the blogosphere to help you get the most out of your Twitter efforts.

Whether you just created your Twitter handle and have no idea where to begin, who to follow or what to Tweet about, or you’ve been using Twitter for a while and want to gauge whether it’s having an impact on your marketing efforts (or how to increase its impact on your bottom line), you’ll find a resource here that’s exactly what you need. Happy Tweeting!

  1. The Nicky Blog – The Nicky blog is a social media enthusiast’s playground, with tips on Tweetups, different types of re-Tweets and plenty of advice on social media strategy as a whole.
  2. Twitter Tools & Tips Blog – The Twitter Tools & Tips Blog is packed with all the advice you need to kickstart your Twitter marketing strategy.
  3. TwitterFools – TwitterFools is a complete resource for Twitter users, including plenty of tips, tools and advice for making money with Twitter or generating business and followers.
  4. Hugh Briss – Hugh Briss covers all things social media on his self-named blog, but he doles out plenty of valuable Twitter advice.
  5. TweetSmarter – TweetSmarter is a comprehensive resource on all things Twitter, with some general social media goodies mixed in. Get info on Twitter lists, etiquette, SEO, Follow Friday and answers to pretty much any burning question that’s been on your mind.
  6. Twitip – Twitip is the complete guide to getting the most out of Twitter. Add this blog to your RSS feed to stay up-to-date on all the latest Twitter news and happenings, tips on maximizing your Twitter for business strategy, and information on the best tools to make Twitter more efficient.
  7. Twitterrati – Twitterrati is the brainchild of Mark Evans, who shares all his expertise on all things Twitter.
  8. Tweasier – The Tweasier Blog is your guide to using Twitter like a pro, with insights on trends in the world of Twitter marketing, how celebs use Twitter, the latest tools and techniques and more.
  9. Ask Aaron Lee – Aaron Lee shares his expertise on the social media scene at large, along with plenty of advice on mastering Twitter for business.
  10. Debbie Hemley – Debbie Hemley’s tagline is “all the news that’s fit to blog, tweet & post,” and she delivers just that with broad views of the online marketing and social media scene—with plenty of insights focused on Tweeting like a pro. Debbie is also a contributor at Social Media Examiner.
  11. Full Frontal ROI – Nichole Kelley is the President at SME Digital, the digital marketing division of Social Media Explorer. At Full Frontal ROI, she shares information on creating Tribes, how to measure the impact of your social media efforts on public relations and more.
  12. Kikolani – Kristi Hines is a freelance blogger and social media expert. Visit the Kikolani blog for Kristi’s top-notch advice on boosting Twitter engagement, using the “social media trio” to your advantage with an integrated strategy and much more.
  13. Social Media DIY Workshop – Charlene Kingston shares her love of social media with the world at Social Media DIY Workshop, where she has plenty of advice for Twitter users, both new and experienced. If you’re a newbie, download her free e-book, “Twitter for Beginners.”
  14. Strutta – Strutta is a social media management dashboard with a blog packed with tons of valuable info on getting the most from your social campaign. You’ll find plenty of insights on running contests on social platforms, ideas for non-profits and other useful advice you can apply to Twitter and your other social platforms.
  15. HubSpot Twitter Marketing Hub – HubSpot’s Twitter Marketing Hub is the place to go if you’re looking for the latest tips and techniques for gaining followers, engaging your audience and achieving business growth through the fastest-growing social network.
  16. Ignite Social Media – Ignite Social Media dedicates a significant portion of its blog to Twitter, sharing insights on the social network’s search algorithms, new profile designs, tools, managing corporate Twitter accounts and more.
  17. Conversation Agent – Valeria Maltoni is the Conversation Agent, offering up her expertise on doing the very thing that drives business growth online—starting conversations. Among her expert strategies for engaging your audience and effective marketing are plenty of resources for using Twitter to engage in conversations. If you’re just getting started on Twitter, check out her post “You’re on Twitter, Now What?”  for advice on who to follow, what to expect and how to ramp up your strategy the right way.
  18. Scott Monty – Scott Monty is the global head of social media for the Ford Motor Company. On his personal blog, he shares all his insights on the social scene, offers tips on creating compelling content and much more.
  19. Social Fresh – Social Fresh is one of the leading blogs on social media online. The Twitter section alone contains dozens of articles with actionable advice to help you ramp up your Twitter strategy and see results.
  20. Social Triggers – Social Triggers is a valuable resource for anyone using social media as a marketing tool.  In addition to the plethora of useful info you can get from their blog, this Twitter Tips guide is a must-read, packed with insights on getting more followers, using Twitter to promote your blog and much more. Hint: This is another one to bookmark, because there’s so much info here you won’t get through it in a single read.
  21. Tweepi – Tweepi is a tool to help you make sense of your Twitter social graph. On the Tweepi blog, you’ll find posts on maximizing and understanding Tweepi along with information on other valuable Twitter tools and applications, how to use Twitter to boost search rankings and much more.
  22. TwitTown – TwitTown probably isn’t what you think it is—it’s actually a resource for applications and widgets. So instead of finding a bunch of articles on using Twitter, at first glance you’ll see a lot of talk about mobile. But this is a great resource for finding information on the latest and most useful tools and apps for Twitter (and Facebook, too!).
  23. KISSmetrics – KISSmetrics’ blog focuses on SEO, social media and digital marketing, with plenty of info dedicated to Twitter. We also strongly recommend that you check out their Twitter Marketing Guide.
  24. JAL Communication – Jim Lodico is a copywriter, content marketing specialist and social media marketing consultant who has contributed to Social Media Examiner. Jim’s blog is the perfect place to find information on your online marketing strategy, including using Twitter to its full advantage and integrating it with your other marketing initiatives.
  25. All Twitter – Powered by MediaBistro, All Twitter is the self-proclaimed “Unofficial Twitter Resource,” where you’ll find everything from user demographics, to how Twitter is being used in other countries, Tribes and so much more.


There are hundreds—if not thousands—of Twitter apps and tools out there. We could go on and on for days and pages listing every possible resource. Instead, we thought we’d share a couple of resources to help you launch your Twitter campaign the right way. One of the first steps is finding the right people to follow—but where do you find them? Check out these resources to help you identify who the most active and most experienced Twitter users are in your industry.

  • Twittorati – Twittorati, as you might guess, is an offspring of Technorati. If you’re looking for the most influential bloggers and Twitter users, this is the place to go.
  • Twitaholic – Along the same lines as Twittorati, Twitaholic helps you identify thought leaders in any industry who are active on Twitter.