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Is everyone excited for the Winter Olympics? We certainly are! This year, the Sochi Olympics cost more than $1 billion, making it the most expensive games in history! Every four years, we bask in the glory of athletes who have spent decades training to win the gold for their country. All over the world, fans are waiting for the epic Olympic Games to begin.

These days, viewers seek out the games in a multitude of ways… and you don’t have to be in front of your television. You can use your mobile device or tablet to talk with friends across other countries about events. You can watch the events on TV while interacting on social networks exclusively created for the Games. If you’re not near a television, you can use mobile apps to keep up-to-date on players and win-lose statistics.

With all of these platforms at your disposal, there is no excuse to miss the 2014 Winter Olympics! In honor of the Games starting this weekend, we collected 25 apps and digital resources to enhance your Olympics experience. Enjoy the live coverage, and most of all, enjoy the Winter Olympics!

Android Apps

1. 2014 Sochi Winter Games – Welcome to the most attractive, user-friendly app for the Winter Olympics! View current standings, cumulative medal count for all participating nations, and a detailed view of the upcoming events. Stay informed with everything you need at the touch of a screen.

2. Ice Hockey – Sochi 2014 – If you’re looking for a more targeted set of sports events, try this ice hockey app for the Games! Get competitive score counts, team data, and live results as the games occur.

3. Olympic Athletes’ Hub – Monitor the social media counts of every athlete, game, sport, and team with this incredible app! At no cost, discover which player is trending, and view news feeds of competitors you select for your Olympic Athletes’ Hub!

4. SOCHI 14 – Not everyone is a wiz at keeping time, so let the SOCHI 14 app do it for you! Place countdowns on on all events in the Olympics, complete with a brief history and offline functionality. We’re sure you won’t miss the opening ceremony this time around.

5. Sochi 2014 Results – The Winter Games results are now in the palm of your hand with this stylish application! Get full details of the results of the events in addition to medal count in real-time. Download this free app for instant coverage!

6. Sochi 2014 WOW – Samsung Electronics developed this app to interface with the Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) in order to bring updates to your mobile device fast! Check schedules, game results, communities, and more for instant coverage.

7. Sochi Calendar – Intuitive and simple are the two top words to describe the Sochi Calendar for the Games. Swiftly access calendar information, follow the latest news updates, and keep score on acquired medals from within the app.

8. Sochi Winter Games 2014 – Get the complete package of filtering options on this week’s events schedule with the Sochi Winter Games 2014 app! With this app in your arsenal, you won’t be the unlucky fan missing his or her favorite athlete’s performance.

9. Winter Games 2014 Sochi – Stay on top of all 98 Winter events with the Winter Games app! Get the latest high quality photos from every event broadcasted so far, view a detailed list of all competitions, and watch a countdown to any Olympics event you’ve got your eye on to track.

Digital Resources

10. 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics by the Numbers: Money, Drugs, and Other Surprising Stats – There are a lot more statistics than where the ones above came from! Find out how much a ticket to the Winter Games costs in relation to the average monthly salary in Russia and other surprising facts in this blog post.

11. 2014 Winter Olympics – CNN – Check out the coverage from a team of writers in Sochi, Russia during the Olympic Games in this live feed from CNN. See images and commentary in a real time feed.

12. Mapping the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Google Earth – WIth the technology available today, there isn’t much stopping us from seeing the Games on a world stage! The Google Earth blog seeks to provide its audience with a top-down view of the events. Read the rest of the post to join in!

13. RebelMouse Social Wall for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Are you looking for a more dynamic view of the Winter Games? Vast Media puts together a social wall for us to sift through and retweet the events. Enjoy!

14. Sochi 2014 Olympics – As the official website for the Sochi Olympics 2014, all events are marked in a dynamic calendar with the events clearly outlined. Watch videos, engage in social media, and download free apps for your mobile device!

15. Winter Olympians to Follow on Instagram – Move aside, selfies, the Games are drawing near! Fans finally get to see another angle of the Olympics by follow their favorite competitors on Instagram. Hurry up and follow them before the games begin!

16. Winter Olympics 2014 – SBNation.com – SBNation carves out its own section on the latest coverage this week, flitering all of the major Olympics posts into one massive resource. View videos, daily wins, and more on this excellent web page.

17. Team USA – Road to Sochi 2014 – Take a look at the USA’s official Sochi page for more information on the home team’s news and status! Read blogs from the various U.S. participants and view distinct social networks for a diverse stream of media.

18. The Podium – Read the latest Canadian and International news from Sun Media’s team of journalists in this tagged resource, the Podium. More for entertainment and celebreality than sports information, the Podium is likely to give you a few laughs in between events.

Social Networks

19. +2014 Sochi Winter Olympics – This Google Plus Community page discusses all things regarding the Winter Olympics. Join now to see previews, share content, and get involved with users interested in the various events.

20. +Sochi 2014 Winter Games – The countdown continues on the official page for Russia’s first ever Games! Get promotional content delivered to your stream, read inside stories on pre-events, and more. The high quality images are also a terrific plus!

21. +Olympics – While not providing as much extensive coverage, the official page for the Olympics does its fair share of Winter Olympics news. If you’re looking for spectacular shots of Olympians and their competition grounds, follow this page.

22. +Olympic Games – This community page takes news from all of the top world events and pools them into one grand resource! This time around, the Winter Games are on the mind, influencing a slew of intriguing articles posted by community members. This is an informative source, indeed.

23. NBC Olympics (@NBCOlympics) – If you’re more of a Twitter person, get up-to-minute updates from the NBC Olympics Twitter stream. 24/7 statuses populate the stream with a variety of news, clips, and other media.

24. NPR Olympics (@nprolympics) – Detailed articles and content come from the folks at NPR through their Twitter stream. Receive tweets of interviews, articles on the sports taking place, and more!

25. Sochi 2014 Olympic Mascots – Use Facebook to keep tabs on the Olympic Mascots. See where he official mascots are heading this weekend by following the page. It’s not exactly Olympic in nature, but it’s certainly entertaining.

We hope you enjoyed our top apps and websites for viewing the Olympics. Let us know your top picks in the comments below!