Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on June 11, 2013. It has been updated to reflect offering changes, as well as newly available tools and solutions.

Picked based on credibility, usefulness, and importance, these 25 Android apps will help you manage and take charge of your SEO and digital marketing campaigns from your favorite devices. (iPhone users beware!)

Android Apps for General Productivity

Trying to get more done away from your desk? Your best ideas and opportunities won’t always wait until you’re in the office. These apps can help.

Evernote – Ideas are ephemeral. Evernote’s strength lies in helping you capture those fleeting ideas without having to fumble for a pen and something to write on. It’s intuitive, and even works well in collaborative settings.

Microsoft OneNote – Even though Evernote commands enormous market share, it does have some highly capable competitors. Microsoft’s OneNote checks many of the same boxes, and also offers seamless integration with Outlook and other Microsoft tools.

Google Keep – Practically every productivity tool on the market seems to have a Google equivalent. Google Keep is the company’s Evernote alternative. Best of all, it integrates with the many other cloud-based productivity applications Google offers.

Microsoft Word – The pervasive desktop publishing platform is even more ubiquitous than you thought. Yes, there’s an app version of Microsoft Word, and it’s surprisingly capable.

Docs to Go – If you have to view a time-sensitive Word, Excel, or PDF document, it can’t always wait ’til you get back to your desk. Now in version 4.0, Docs to Go lets you read and edit many common document types.

WPS Office – This is another suitable, and powerful, alternative to Microsoft Word. It’s lightweight, taking up fewer system resources, but no less capable for that. After all, it handles most common document types.

Dropbox — Your business generates files of all types, shapes, and sizes. Dropbox gives you the space to store them securely in the cloud, and also facilitates sharing among distributed teams and collaborators in far-flung locations.

Google Drive — Yes, we’re listing quite a few Google applications. But they get so much done, and are so widely used, that they’re hard to avoid. And they do it well enough — in this case, with all the strengths of Dropbox, but with more native integrations — that you may not want to avoid them.

Collaboration Apps for Android

Android apps aren’t just useful when you’re flying solo. They can also make collaboration much easier for all involved.

Trello — Technically a card-based note taking app, Trello is also surprisingly adept as a tool for managing small teams and projects.  

Slack — Whether you’re working alone, managing an in-house project, or keeping tabs on multiple teams in multiple locations, Slack is up to the task. This highly scalable app facilitates communication and prevents time-wasting misunderstandings.

Basecamp 3 — While it requires a subscription, this popular project management app for Android helps you wrangle the moving parts and people building your next big thing.

Social Media Marketing for Android

If you’re not maximizing your social media presence, are you really marketing? According to the Magic 8 Ball: “Very doubtful.” Install these apps and get to work!

HootSuite – If there’s a gold standard for a unified social media dashboard, HootSuite is it. This free app makes it easy to manage your social media across a variety of Android-based devices.

Crowdfire — With posting, chat support, and various other management tools supported across a number of social media platforms, Crowdfire is a great all-in-one tool for managing your business’s various social media presences.

TweetCaster – Sometimes there’s a lot to be said for doing one thing very well. That seems to be the philosophy behind TweetCaster, which lets you post, retweet, and schedule tweets from an easy-to-use app.

Google SEO/SEM Apps for Android

Given that Google is inescapable in the worlds of SEO and SEM, the Android apps they’ve built to integrate with their various tools deserve mention. Each of these has multiple alternatives, but each of those alternatives comes with a severe drawback: they won’t often be up-to-date with algorithm changes and other tweaks introduced by Google, sometimes putting you at a disadvantage.

Google offers four apps that manage different aspects of your marketing workflow.

    • Google Adwords helps you control and maximize your AdWords spend
    • Google Analytics sets the standard for robust and actionable intel on your site traffic and performance
    • Google AdSense makes managing PPC campaigns easy
    • Google My Business helps your brick-and-mortar business maintain and manage its local search presence

Content Creation and Curation for Android

Your content won’t write or post itself. These apps can help you craft and publish quality content that connects with your audience.

Feedly – Browse content from any RSS feed-equipped site with Feedly. WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube channels, and more can be monitored from this free app.

Pocket — Simply save articles and web pages for reading when it’s more convenient with Pocket. Best of all, it works even when you don’t have a WiFi connection.

WordPress — A content management system easy enough to learn in minutes but powerful enough to form the basis of surprisingly robust websites, WordPress powers a staggering number of websites and augments thousands more. If you’re using a blog as part of your outreach, this app lets you compose, check stats, and monitor your feed and comments no matter where you are.

The All-in-One Android App

IFTTT — If This Then That (IFTTT) uses a combination of applets and rules-based behaviors to curate, analyze, set alerts, and do pretty much anything else you can think to automate in your day-to-day life and workflow. Its simplicity belies its power and general usefulness.

Entertainment Apps

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your productivity, to say nothing of your mental health, is to take` a break from the grind. With that in mind, here are a couple of Android apps for when you need to unwind. The time off will let you recharge and come back refreshed, allowing you to approach your marketing with a clear head.

Audible for Android — If you have an extensive library of audiobooks and want to take your library with you on your drive, to the gym, or to tune out the next conference call, the Audible app puts your Amazon-purchased audiobooks in the palm of your hand.

Spotify — Everyone’s life deserves an epic soundtrack. Spotify lets you curate yours.

White Noise Generator — A deceptively simple way to tune out the world and recharge your mind, body, and spirit in minutes. Or longer, if you’re the type who overthinks that kind of thing.

There’s an Android app for practically anything you can think to do with a smartphone. We hope that you’ve found these to be useful. Another effective way to wring a few more hours out of your day? Find a marketing consultant in your area who can take some of these responsibilities off of your plate!

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