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With more than 69 million WordPress sites in the entire world and 100,000 WordPress sites created everyday, WordPress has an established presence in the world of web design. Some of the top sites in the world actively use WordPress as their main CMS (content management system).

As WordPress continues to update its application every so often, it is safe to say that WordPress is here to stay. Utilizing this dominating application, a variety of businesses are now completely dedicated to teaching WordPress, such as consulting firms, classrooms, and WordPress theme creation. In addition, multiple communities are springing up to support the service on the heels of the WordPress surge. These communities help newcomers become familiar with the platform as well as connect advanced web designers and developers with one another.

The WordPress vibrant communities are oftentimes overlooked, so we decided to gather a group of strong WordPress groups in one beneficial article. Let’s begin with the top 20 WordPress communities you should join.


1stwebdesigner – 1stwebdesigner provides stunning tools and walkthroughs on everything from wireframes to web design. Free and premium tutorials are available for instant learning, so take advantage of this great deal!

Creative Bloq – This site connects graphic design enthusiasts and web hobbyists through in-depth resources, ranging from Photoshop tips to WordPress resources. We linked to the WordPress search results to make it easy to find all of Creative Bloq’s valuable WordPress resources.

Smashing Magazine – Smashing Magazine is one of the most popular graphic design sites on the web. The WordPress resources always present complete support on the WordPress platform, including hidden tricks that will significantly improve your usage. If you’re looking for clear examples, this is the magazine to read.

Support Everything WordPress – This is a site that brings together people who work on both ends of support, making the CMS an amazing experience on all levels. Feel free to answer questions, leave comments, or peruse the archives because this community is built for you.

WooThemes Support – First and foremost, the WooThemes group is not free to view like the others. To gain access to the site, you will need to register. However, the knowledge available here is worth the time. Similar to WPUniversity, users will find answers to common user questions and ask burning inquiries of their own.

WordPress Hub – Looking for the best themes and tools to implement on your business’s website? Keep an eye out for WordPress Hub. The site offers solutions for hosting, plugins, security as well as detailed tutorials. WordPress Hub aims to give value and promote worthwhile products.

WordPress.com Forums – Easy to underestimate, the WordPress forums is an essential place to talk with other platform users. A multitude of experienced users are available to call on for help, and less seasoned webmasters will also assist readers. Don’t hesitate to check out this knowledge and introduce yourself as a newbie.

WordCamp Central – While WordCamp is not an online community, it certainly encourages live events and meetups! WordCamp events located throughout the world connect power users with like-minded individuals. This is certainly a site to bookmark for the recent news or if you decide to make it out to the events!

WPBeginner – Are you a beginner looking for an easier solution than browsing forums? You came to the right spot on the list! More than 130,000 WordPress users subscribe to this list, and they gain much newcomer knowledge. Another plus: WPBeiginner suggests smart books and coupons to find good website deals.

WPEagle – Looking for amalgamation of news on WordPress and plugin reviews? Then you might as well stop by the WPEagle site. The reviews will make you discover that next plugin as you take one of the many great tutorials.

Wpmu.org – With more than 300,000 total community members, Wpmu takes you step-by-step through visual tips offered on the site. The community covers topics from the very basic (adding an archive to a blog) to the very advanced (making content to adapt to a responsive WordPress theme).

WordPress Tavern – This blog is run by a community of writers dedicated to discussing the WordPress platform. Stay tuned on their site as they release podcasts, news, and weekly updates to their audience. If you’ve wanted to learn everything you can on WordPress today, grab a drink and give this site a read.

Wptuts+ – Wptuts is a WordPress site dedicated to training and giving video tutorials. The high quality content brings together people of all skill levels and offers people a chance to showcase their own tutorials. The bar is high if you want to teach, but this community thrives off of the standards of the site, so it’s well worth it.

WPUniversity – If you want a more systematic approach to learning WordPress, try WPUniversity. In the learning center, you are free to post questions on any topic you like. The folks at the learning center will in turn publicly answer for all to learn and seee. Surely this is a top-notch site to visit.

Yoast – Joost is the man with the plan behind WordPress tips. His site has been around for quite a while and always provides relevant information to his many readers. He and his team continue to advise with conversion, SEO, and website configuration, as well as provide a close community through his social media base.

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StackOverflow WordPress Questions – StackOverflow remains a trusted source for developers, both new and experienced. If you absolutely cannot find the answers to your WordPress questions, solve your problems by arriving arriving here. We find it best to use this site as a last resort, as the community here is dedicated to proactive learners (try everything you can before you ask for help).

WordPress+ – This pick is an international Google+ group for WordPress. Here we encourage you to ask questions and gain instant feedback from other Google plus participants. WordPress developers and designers dedicate their time to this active membership of beginners. Become a part of the group, and take a look! (Disclaimer: Must contribute in English).

WordPress+ Community – Another Google Plus community, this group caters to a group of beginners interested in conquering the WordPress platform and sharing current events. Stop on by to browse the community and learn more about the WordPress platform.

WordPress (Quora Group) – It’s not everyday you get to post your WordPress questions on a forum while CEOs and prolific web developers answer them. This situation won’t happen all the time on Quora, but it’s a lot more likely! Join Quora, and ask your pressing questions to experts!

WordPress (Subreddit) – Despite the reputation of the average Reddit community, this subreddit holds valuable information on the WordPress system. Feel free to inquire general questions here, and view a variety of interesting anonymous perspectives.

WordPress Web Designers (LinkedIn) – This private LinkedIn group strictly targets web designers. The group topics include SEO, plugins, and hosting discussions. Make sure you are a serious WordPress designer (intermediate to expert level) before you consider requesting to join!

Are we missing any other important groups that you or anyone else would like to contribute to our resource? Comment below to have them added to our list!