In our previous post, we complied 25 of the most helpful web education resources to learn about SEO. In today’s article, we’ll go into a more specific section of SEO that many local business owners can struggle with; local SEO. Local search is a bit more nuanced than regular SEO, but the same rules apply. You’ll need to augment your website so that it is optimized for your immediate local presence, whether it’s a specific city or state.

A lot of local SEO centers on text indicators tied to a physical location and verifying the business’s existence of a place of business there. You still need backlinks from reputable sources and content to sustain or improve your local rankings. We say that the best part of this roundup is that we’re bringing the local community together for the top resources all in one place!

We’ve brought you a variety of blog articles and guides that should adequately aid anyone struggling in the local search arena.

Let’s not keep you waiting! Here is our collection of top local links:

  • The Local SEO Checklist by Synup – Looking for the perfect list to check off your completed local search tasks? The Local SEO Checklist by Synup is just for you.
  • Moz Local Learning Center – Have you ever seen a larger community dedicated to the assistance of small businesses with local search than this one? The Moz Local Learning Center is one of the best places out there for learning local search.
  • Local Search Ranking Factors for 2014 – Another Moz gem, this report stands as one of the best local writeups this year. Read through this terrific guide on Local Search Ranking Factors for this year.
  • Local SEO Guide – Get the latest news, insights, and observations when you get the time to read through Andrew Shotland’s blog on local search marketing.
  • Understanding Google Places & Local Search – 2014 was a grand year for SEO. Where the experts on local search right? Powered By Search gathers 26 experts to carry out their predictions for the rest of this year.
  • Understanding Google Places & Local Search – If you’re hankering for a really in-depth look at local search, head on over to Mike Blumenthal’s blog, Understanding Google Places & Local Search. Trust us, it’ll be worth the read.
  • Rule the Local Search Results! – Infographic – Make sure you always keep your checklists handy when you’re doing local search maintenance for your business. OptiLocal delivers a premium infographic citing the do’s and dont’s of local optimization.
  • LocalU – What better place to get an education than at university (especially a local one)? LocalU is always perfect resource for the aspiring local marketer.
  • The Whitespark Blog – Looking for expert opinions of local search marketers? Whitespark has a whole archive loaded with local marketing insights and learnings in the industry.
  • How to Build a Perfectly Optimized Local Website – This extremely structured infographic from Systemadik breaks down specific templates for pages on your local site for maximum optimization. View this blueprint for local success to learn more!
  • How to Optimize For Local Search – Get all the tools you need to succeed in local marketing laid out for you in this terrific walkthrough written by Ben Holland!

What do you think of these resources? We hope they put you on the path to becoming vastly more educated on local SEO. If you think of any standout education resources we may have missed, post them in the comments below.