Twitter is a top social media platform that small businesses use for customer feedback and real-time engagement. Upon first glance, one may think Twitter is a simple tool for merely publishing tweets and following influencers. While these adequate tactics help grow your social media followers, they use maybe 10% of Twitter’s endless capabilities. You would be surprised how much you can actually do with Twitter!

To assist small business owners who are starting out with Twitter or looking for ideas to further utilize the platform, we combined 20 simple Twitter tactics for small businesses to utilize. These quick tips are highlighted in practical examples from businesses just like you.

We hope this “to do list” adds wonders for your social media!

1. Include hashtags (see also the Power of Hashtags): @Nimble

2. Speaking of hashtags, use #FollowFriday: @wright20

3. Always ‘favorite’ and retweet successful reviews: @MooCluckMoo

 4. Participate in Tweet Chats: @Irdeto

5. Engage and respond to your followers: @LugLife

6. Tag and promote users: @selzdotcom

7. Share current events relevant to your business: @jamespassdesign

8. Ask questions to your followers: @paperly

9. Use Twitter lists: @concursmallbiz

10. Ask for a retweet: @sevenly

11. Share relevant content: @OhSocial

12. Promote Twitter through other channels: @StartupWeek_ly

13. Post tweets throughout the day: @Zintro

14. Post deals and offers on your Twitter stream: @TheLodgeVT

15. Create an effective Twitter bio: @WomanCon

16. Share photos on your stream: @SegCityATX

17. Use a quality avatar picture: @42angelitos

18. Demonstrate wonderful customer service: @FoundKitchen

19. Put the product front-and-center: @FuzzyCover

20. Run a contest: @HomeFreeTreats

*BONUS TIP*: Use Twitter Search to locate, follow, and engage potential customers.

Those examples are some excellent uses of the Twitter platform, don’t you think? We want to hear from you! If you think of any other tricks and tips for small business owners, let us know in the comments section below.