Google Plus is currently the number two social media site in the world. The social network has been growing at an astonishing pace since its launch more than two years ago. Now is the best time to sign up for a Google Plus page, and start using it to improve your online visibility!

You might think that Google Plus is less popular and devoid of users than other social networks, but that is where you’re wrong. Google Plus’s rise to the top is only beginning! With the latest Google+ updates encouraging more connectivity and usability, such as claiming custom URLs and more integrated Google Hangouts, Google Plus is one of the top platforms where you need to get active in order to gain direct traffic on your site. If you want to learn more about Google Plus, check out our expert blog post on the subject.

Here are top 20 statistics that will convince you to be an active user of Google Plus.

1. Google Plus now receives more than 1,203 million monthly page visits.

If you had any doubts on the number of users going to Google Plus every month, this statistic will put that fear to rest. These numbers only keep growing as Google Plus continues to gain relevance.

2. More than 540 million users utilize Google Plus every month.

You read that figure right! That many users are actively sharing photos, posting new statuses, and responding to comments.

3. More than one billion registered people are using Google Plus.

Skeptics who believe Facebook took over Google Plus are mistaken. While Facebook does maintain its lead in number of users, it’s not very much at 1.19 billion users.

4. Nearly 68% of Google Plus users are male, while 32% are female.

It may be helpful to keep these demographics in mind when marketing your business’s content on Google Plus. Are you trying to reach a much larger male audience, or are you zeroing in on a more tightly knit female demographic?

5. 70% of business brands have a presence on Google Plus.

Are you a part of that 70%, or are you still holding out like the other 30%? Businesses made this smart choice because great things are certainly in store for the Google+ platform.

6. After page authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor.

There was much controversy and debate over this outstanding statistic released by Moz. Even though +1’s alone don’t amount to much, users can gain a plethora of knowledge from this relevant content and a high numbers of +1’s.

7. The +1 button is clicked more than 5 billion times a day.

Social media users like their content and share it when they can. This data simply shows that Google Plus is one active social network that isn’t going away anytime soon.

8. More than 20 million unique mobile monthly users are on Google Plus.

We understand that it is difficult to add another channel (mobile) to the points of access to your business. However, mobile users are active on Google Plus ,and your business should start exploring it as well. If you don’t show up where users are located, they won’t find you.

9. 1.5 billion photos are uploaded to Google Plus each week.

If your business is image-based, this statistic is excellent news for you! Think of how much digital real estate you can cover by uploading your business’s photos into the platform.

10. The number one activity on Google Plus is uploading and sharing photos.

Believe it or not, the majority of Google Plus users share GIFs and images. Again, if you have a photo-centric business, this can potentially work in your favor.

11. 6.6 million Google Plus users are located in America.

Cleary, Google Plus is most popular within the US. If only small businesses in the states knew that! People really enjoy the Google Plus experience. Talk to the users and find out for yourself!

12. Nearly 800,000 users sign up for Google Plus per month.

You can bet signups will only increase as time goes on. Take advantage of the rising membership, and spread your message through a new Google Plus page!

13. 28% of millennials (15-34 year olds) use Google Plus.

Young people are not only using Facebook, but they are also utilizing Google Plus. This comes as no surprise;  it is easy on Google Plus to connect with users, thanks to the Google Plus Circles mechanic. The young people who are on Google Plus are looking for quality content targeted to them, not a confusing, endless stream of content like in Facebook.

14. Google Plus’s 45-54 age demographic increased 56% since 2012.

If your target market is older individuals on social networks, check out Google Plus. A lot of people in this age range are choosing Google Plus over Facebook, as more adults prefer the selectivity of communication through Google Plus Circles.

15. DeviantART is one of the fastest growing Google Plus profiles on a daily basis.

Once again, this goes in line with the sharing of visual content. Users like creative and funny visual content. Make sure your page incorporates sharp visual content in order to get shared.

16. Britney Spears has the highest Google+ follower count at more than eight million followers.

Despite what others may thing, entertainment brings followers to your Google Plus page! Do not only promote the same dry content hoping that if people see it enough, they will click it. Add personality to your page and entertain people. This formula never fails.

17. 26% of mobile Internet owners who use their devices to access social media sites visit Google Plus.

As we often say, don’t limit yourself to the social networks you think are more successful. Venture into the ones that have potential, and you will get access to markets that you normally never see. Mobile Google Plus users might be interested in what you do! Don’t ignore them.

18. 41% of online business-to-consumer marketers use Google Plus, compared to 39% of business-to-business marketers.

Time to jump on the Google Plus bandwagon! B2B and B2C marketers use Google Plus to engage their audience and consumers. You can do exactly the same and get more customers and traffic that way for FREE.

19. Android is the most popular brand on Google Plus at more than 5.5 million followers.

If this data point should reveal anything, it’s this: people care about their brands. It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual. When you provide value your audience can learn from, they will follow you, no matter what the platform.

20. Google Plus is the fastest growing website in existence, acquiring nearly 25 million users in its first month.

It is not a lucky coincidence that Google Plus is growing fast. This victory was a planned success. Billions of people use Google already. No matter what seems to be the case or what rumors you read, Google Plus cannot be ignored.

We hope these facts sway you to get started on Google Plus if you’re not already involved! What other trends do you see happening on the Google Plus social media front? Let us know in the comments below!