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It seems these days everyone and their cousin is trying to strike out on their own, hoping to become the next successful Mark Zuckerberg or a young, undiscovered Steve Jobs.

Of course, the timing is perfect: there is no better time than now to create your own tech startup or begin a brick-and-mortar business. However, people who start a venture without assessing the risks, despite the possibility of success, guarantees that they will endure some hard times and difficult lessons to learn. Thankfully, some industry leaders, creators, thinkers, and venture capitalists provide free advice that some would think to charge thousands of dollars for imparting.

Blogs about startups have been growing in popularity for quite some time. From growth hacking, to raising seed funds, to difficult lessons in life and in business, startup blogs are among some of the most dynamic collections of modern business and tech essays on the web.

Without further ado, we present the top 20 blogs to read for startup entreprenurship advice. These selections are not all completely current (and we threw in a few community groups to shake things up), but their wisdom is quite relevant.

Twenty of the Greatest Startup Blogs on the Web

  1. A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC – Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist, and his blog contains a plethora of knowledge within its archives. Whether he muses about business, tech trends, or life in regular, Fred’s writing is diverse enough to keep you coming back for more.
  2. Aaron Ginn’s Thoughts – Aaron Ginn’s blog is a valuable tool in the repertoire of any up-and-coming entrepreneur. His thoughts on growth hacking and the tech market are extremely insightful and imperative for comprehending a landscape that businesses will either thrive or crumble in. Aaron’s blog contains well-informed thoughts indeed.
  3. Alex Payne Blog – Controversial, engaging, and uncensored, Alex Payne is a venture capitalist who sees from multiple perspectives. Simply put, his writing will persuade you to think about the choices you made if you previously worked at a startup. He presents interesting views on many topics, including business, living your life, and technology.
  4. Andrew Chen Blog – Entrepreneur and online marketer Andrew Chen writes essays on marketing, startups, and user growth. The attention-to-detail and research that he puts into his work is incredible. People constantly refer to Andrew’s essays to gain a greater understanding of the ever-changing mobile world.
  5. Ben Casnocha Blog – Another brilliant mind added to our list is Ben Casnocha, long-time business leader, entrepreneur, and national traveler. Ben has written several intriguing books on the topics of business and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he spent a significant amount of time mentoring the youth in other countries to become leaders themselves.
  6. Both Sides of the Table – One particular feature we love about startup blogs, especially Mark Suster’s work, is the advice is immediately applicable to our world. His readers may not all be investors or marketers, but advertising affects everyone. Mark shed’s light on what goes on behind the investor’s table as well as how emerging trends in business and innovation are impacting our everyday lives.
  7. Christina Cacioppo Blog – There’s a lot to say about Christina Cacioppo. So much, in fact, that we’d like you to read her blog to find out most of it! Christina is an intelligent leader interested in business and coding. Her posts center around entrepreneurship and tech. In addition, the blog boasts an active comments section, where she and her readers discuss their thoughts. Don’t be a stranger; read or comment on her blog.
  8. James Altucher Blog – Who is James Altucher? A man without a plan, who earned millions, lost millions, and gained it all back and then some. Still don’t know James? This businessman clearly presents that he’s made mistakes in the past but endured massive strides toward being successful. His writing does not pull any punches, as he seeks to give real world advice that will elevate anyone who puts it into practice on the right side of the fence… after falling down a few times first.
  9. Lars Lofgren Blog – Less of a startup blog per se, Lars Lofgren’s website talks about analytics, copywriting, marketing solutions, and social innovation. His blog is an incredible value for startup founders looking to increase their marketing and product management skills. Lars Lofgren is KISSmetrics-approved!
  10. My Startup Has 30 Days to Live – Have you read the day-to-day experiences of a startup? How about a startup that has 30 days remaining before it crumbles? Read the heart-wrenching, true-to-life entries of an anonymous startup founder whose startup is about to crash into ground. Give a thorough look-see before the thrilling conclusion (of course, we wish him all the best).
  11. On Startups – Dharmesh Shah created On Startups as a resource for startup newbies to learn about starting, running, and growing their companies. Oh, and did we mention he is the founder and CTO of HubSpot? Dharmesh teaches everything he knows about funding, marketing, and scaling for a successful business in this engaging blog.
  12. Paul Graham Blog – Paul Graham is a man of many firsts. He is one of the co-creators of Y Combinator, the first of its kind of incubator. He also helped create the first SaaS (software as a service) company. Arguably, his blog is among the first successful startup blogs. If you read startup blogs, you probably know about the high value of Paul’s insight.
  13. Quick Sprout – Consider anything written by Neil Patel to be pure gold; almost literally speaking. His advice has grown the revenue of Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, HP, and NBC. From copywriting tweaks to traffic hacks to SEO tips in general, consider this blog’s archives to be one of the most powerful tools in your startup reading arsenal.
  14. Referral SaaSquatch Blog – Growth hacking is the name of the game in Referral SaaSquatch’s company blog. A/B testing, marketing, and user acquisition are profiled here, along with actionable tips to attain more customers in no time flat! This new and unqiue blog definitely deserves a look.
  15. Sam Altman Blog – Sam Altman is the CEO of Loopt and a part-time partner at Y Combinator, so you better believe he has the experience to back up his bold words of wisdom. This must-read blog includes advice on innovation, life and startups.
  16. Seth Levine’s Blog – Seth Levine loves to get into the nitty gritty of startup investing and working (seems to be a common thing with venture capitalists, eh?). Seth provides practical tips on his website, especially his thoughts on entrepreneurial and startup trends.
  17. Startup Quote – Take a Tumblr blog, add in the photos, and mix in the brightest quotes from the most influential founders, innovators, and thinkers, and you will find Startup Quote! Read a daily dose of intelligent thinking on this blog.
  18. Startup Blog – Steve Sammartino is the founder of Rentoid.com who muses on entrepreneurship and marketing. His posts center around advertising and trends seen in the tech world. Always entertaining and applicable, Steve’s posts are a treat to read.

Startup Advice Discussion Boards

It’s not enough to read about startups; applying practice will help you reach success! If you’re looking to discuss startups with like-minded individuals who are beside you in the trenches, keep reading for some great communities to participate in.

  1. Ask Y Combinator – Y Combinator is a great community that provides answers if you seek them out. With a wide array of subjects, such as coding, jobs, and startups, this blog is an invaluable resource.  Go on and ask away!
  2. r/Startups (Reddit) – Learning startup advice from Reddit seems like a longshot at first, but trust us when we say Reddit contains valuable information underneath it’s reputation. Businesses will learn valuable lessons and interesting stories from its anonymous users, as they share articles, links, and tips. Give it a shot; it’s worth a try!
  3. Startup Advice and Strategy (Quora) – Quora is a wonderful discussion platform, and its active Startup Advice group is especially helpful. Ask and answer questions, read articles, and share responses that will inspire and educate your mind. Experienced and young startups in every way imaginable.

To our knowledge, we’ve found some of the top resources on learning how to start, run, and grow a small company. Do you know anyone in the startup world who exhibits a wealth of experience in the space and is waiting for us to feature them? Let us know below in the comments.