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The quality of your social tools are everything in business in this day and age. As a business owner, are you reaching your audience on every platform they frequent? Contrary to popular belief, most people aren’t using multiple social networks. More than 50% of Internet users either don’t use any social networks, or just one. That means you have to stay on top of as many networks as you can. While logging into several networks at once can be of some use, there are many times that you or your team is going to need backup tools to make social networking much more efficient.

No matter where you are, it’s imperative that you connect with both your customers and employees on the go. To provide excellent customer service, put quality behind your brand, and demonstrate that you are with your customer every step of the way, you and your employees have to connect with them on nearly every level. Local marketing, social media, and content are just a few of the channels you can optimize with tools to stay connected.

In this post, we’ve gathered the top 20 social tools that keep your team alert and on task.

Let’s jump right into our list!

  • Addvocate – Give anyone on your team the authority to curate content for your company with Addvocate! The app provides analytics, reporting, and social sharing to get visibility for your company, faster.
  • Bizzabo – When your employees attend conferences for both business and social networking, Bizzabo accelerates their capabilities. Participate in interactive event communities or organize live events on the fly with your mobile device.
  • Diigo – Install Diigo on your device to gather information on projects and research of any scale! Organize data at increasing levels of complexity, build a knowledge base for your team, and share information wherever you are.
  • Feedly – If you’re looking for fresh content to distribute across your social networks, Feedly should be your app of choice. Organize specific, quality content, and share what’s relevant to your followers with this amazing app.
  • FixYourFunnel – Collect data on your customers via lead source tracking and SMS texting using FixYourFunnel. Automate conversations, use real phone numbers in communication, and take your mobile marketing to new heights!
  • HipChat – Your team isn’t going to manage itself! Streamline the process of content sharing and communications with the power of HipChat. The desktop, mobile, and web app versions are at your service!
  • Livecube – Livecube is the world’s most engaging event application. Built by experts in software, design, and gamification, Livecube enables you to have attendees connect, set up events, and share ideas in no time!
  • Mention – Go beyond mere Google Alerts with the word-of-mouth tracking abilities of Mention! This innovative software allows you and your team to react in a timely manner, collaborate, and draw conclusions from your online presence.
  • Mobivity – Send social text messages from anywhere when your business signs up for Mobivity! Broadcasts SMS messaging, schedules your texts, and receive customer feedback via text.
  • Postling – Postling makes sure your social inbox is up and ready to go! This app provides small businesses with the alerts and insights to get the most out of social media.
  • Rignite – Rignite transforms social activity into tangible business. Grow your influence, bolster your interactivity, and schedule posts if you’re in a hurry.
  • Scoop.it – Build social audiences by publishing curated content through Scoop.it! Find the content that resonates in your industry, and post it across your social networks.
  • SocialRadar – When you’re on the go, it’s difficult to identify the hidden business potential within people you meet. SocialRadar is the app that provides real-time business information on the people around you, giving you another dimension of dialogue in the palm of your hand.
  • Sparkcentral – Sparkcentral is the fastest enterprise social network platform, built specifically for quick, high-volume levels of engagement. No matter how big your team is, this app places customers front and center.
  • Sprout Social – Let us introduce Sprout Social, the official engagement and management platform for your social business. Monitor interactions, publish content, and view analytics on the  performance of your communication.
  • Tweetbot – Tweetbot 3 is one of the most fully featured Twitter apps on the market. Create drafts for your tweets, fetch content for your audience in the background, and craft media timelines for a more dynamic Twitter experience.
  • UberSocial – A richer, more user-friendly Twitter experience awaits! UberSocial offers lightning-fast functionality, full-length text for extended conversations, and cross posting across some of the most popular social networks.
  • Yammer – Yammer is the enterprise social network, allowing your employees to connect across locations, social media, and more! Listen to conversations in order to grow your business, and reveal potential business opportunities.
  • Yolu – Business cards are a thing of the past when you utilize the services of Yolu! Scan all of your business cards right to your mobile device without ever having to think twice about specific contacts.
  • Zendesk – Whether at your desk or on the go, Zendesk puts your customer service ahead of the game. Take inbound ticket requests from anywhere: email, web, social, phone, and even chat!

There you have it! Our top 20 social tools you can use to stay far ahead of the game! If you know of any other worthwhile social networking applications, let us know in the comments below.