Are you focused in delivering the best social media experience to your customers? Do you attempt to connect socially with potential business partners? Busy scouring the web for some of the top news in social media? Solve all of these problems and more with the help of social media communities! There are few communities better to get answers than Google Plus Communities. The users are connected, respectful, and foster a safe environment for discussion and discourse, thanks in part to the public and private features of Google Plus Communities.

In this list, we’ve gathered several kinds of community groups, ranging from groups for certain markets, all the way to networking with business professionals excelling at social media.

Practice as much as you can to connect in these groups. Now, let’s get to it! Here are our top 20 social media communities on Google Plus!

  • Social Media Professionals – Whether you’re a beginner or a newbie, discuss social media with professionals from all over the world in the Social Media Professionals group! Get free advice and feedback so that you can see all angles on your social strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing by Social Fresh – Post questions, articles, and insights in this social media group by Social Fresh. You’ll certainly see the value this group has once you join and start connecting!
  • Social Media Mentors – The Social Media Mentors group was created as a space for thought leaders to share knowledge on Google Plus. Help others and become a leader when you sign up today!
  • Social Media Marketing – Get shared experience, tips, and tricks to social media marketing in this community page. Don’t let your expertise go to waste; have others learn from it instead!
  • Social Media Marketing – Upvote Media – In Upvote Media’s group, discuss current social media news and trends with other members. Infographics, articles, and more are regularly posted here.
  • Social Media – Let the digital professionals come and connect! Spread your latest news on all things social media in this community.
  • Social Media Revolutionists – Join the Social Media Revolutionists to get on the inside of industry news! Get at the forefront of the social media revolution to discover new ways of collaboration and connectivity.
  • Creative Social Media – Creative Social Media is a space for out-of-the-box thinkers, visualizers, dreamers and more! If you’re a social media creative or designer looking for inspiration, stop on by.
  • B2B Social Media – Learn how the marketers in the B2B social media space get their messages out to the right businesses. Topics include social media marketing, success metrics, and content marketing.
  • Be Bold, Be Brave: Social Media Community – This is a community devoted to help business owners and marketers find new practices in the space to use social media more effectively. You must comment for every post you submit.
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing – Created by Room 214, this community brings together several resources and insights surrounding all things social and digital marketing.
  • Automotive Social Media Marketing – If you’re a social media manager in the automotive industry, check out this group! Presented by the Audeo Magazine, this page offers advice on social practices and valuable articles in the space.
  • Social Media for Entrepreneurs – presents to us a group aimed to help startups and business owners get a leg up on their more experienced competitors in social media. Join to learn as much as you can to succeed!
  • Social Media Trends for Small Business – Ask questions and request feedback on your social media strategy! Social Media Trends for Small Business is open and ready for you to discuss your burning questions.
  • Beginners Social Media – Beginners and newbies, gather ‘round! Get assistance on your social media questions and concerns. Best of all, there are no links allowed, so expect only the most useful discussions taking place, spam-free.
  • Social Media Moms & Dads! – Social Media Moms and Dads got started in 2010 for individuals who seek to contribute to the web in a big way. Share viewpoints, promote one another, and more!
  • Journalism & Social Media – Discuss social media and journalism with fellow professionals! All levels of experience are welcome to learn and distribute valuable resources.
  • Social Media Marketing 2014 – 2014 is the year of social media! Strategists and community managers come and bring the best ways to push you further in social media.

We hope you’ve enjoyed going through our top picks for social media communities on Google Plus! If there are any other tight-knit communities on the platform we may have passed over, leave us a comment below!