Welcome back to our end-of-the-year series regarding our top picks for articles in designated categories. These past weeks, we’ve gone over content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, local marketing, and more! Keep checking back on our favorite articles up until the very end of 2014.

We’re certainly no stranger to the power of social media marketing and the power it has on spreading content. We certainly use it all the time to grow traffic to our blog and spread the reach of our message. We’re certain that the implication of social marketing will certainly evolve well into 2015.

For now, let’s take a look at our favorite post from 2014 in this roundup of social articles of the year!

  • Take a look at the SEO perspective of the latest obscure social network, Ello. Patrick Coombe gives us a thorough run-through of the site’s search basics in this post.


  • This social media post is obvious while at the same time being very insightful. Ask yourself, might you you be taking social media a little too seriously? Lori R. Taylor answers with seven things your 3-year-old knows about social media marketing that you don’t.


  • Here are 22 social media marketing resources that are totally killer that you can take a look at and learn from by Kent McGroarty.


  • You can learn a lot about a social network just by taking an in-depth look one. James Blackwell rounds up the expertise of social media users on Twitter to help you in deciding which one to use.


  • Are social media and search really all that different? If you thought so before, it may be time to reconsider. Tadeusz Szewczyk explains how search affects social media and vice-versa.


  • How much does television affect SEO and social media? In this post, we learn the implications of receiving mention on a nationally syndicated television show and how it can positively affect your search and social marketing. Kat Haselkorn has the complete post.


  • It may take a little more foresight for you before you can start making perfect posts on each of your social platforms. The folks at 9 Series share a smart infographic from My Clever Agency to teach us a great lesson on sizing.


  • How you post URLs to your social media accounts matters in the grand scheme of things. Jean-Christophe Lavocat shares the anatomy of a top Google Plus URL posting.


  • We all want to grow our blogs with the best intentions in mind. If you’re looking for a robust guide to blog growth, hand over your expertise and lay your eyes on this terrific walkthrough from OkDork by Noah Kagan.


  • If you know nothing at all about social media, the best place to start may be this very detailed online guide. Kristy Bolsinger and the Moz staff but together this 12-chapter tome for you to go through.


  • After reading this article, you may soon that you’ve been going about social media marketing the entirely wrong way. Here are five shocking facts that could change your whole approach by KISSMetrics.


  • We can all stand to improve your social media marketing capabilities. Sometimes all we need is the perfect tool… or tools, in this case. Pratik Dholakiya presents five free tools for better social media optimization.


  • What are your top social content creation tools? Jessica Mills comes forth and shares 10 of her favorites.


  • To be honest, I thought I knew everything about the average Twitter user. Turns out there are more than 9 types you can learn about for your marketing! Jonathan Gebauer takes the stage to tell us all he knows on this.


  • We all know social media amplifies our content’s reach on the web, right? Saurabh Tiwari puts together seven things we must do on social media to get our content read.


  • It’s nice to know that most things about social media have been written about. Augie Ray puts together a roundup of the social media posts that you must read to get up-to-date for 2015, barring any new social media innovations before the new year.


  • This is one of our favorite “outside-of-the-box” posts that none of us really consider too much. ‘Dark social’ isn’t a talked about concept, but its implications are quite far-reaching. Olsy Sorokina goes in-depth on this concept in a post.


  • If you’re a startup going through the growing pains, here are some quick tips from the helpful folks at Lumo Marketing.


  • Here’s another excellent post on why social media signals matter to SEO. AJ Kohn makes some powerful conclusions in this one.


  • We think it’s incredibly important that all employees try to be a part of a company’s social media strategy. David Hassell declares five data-driven steps.


  • Bonus: An interesting thought-piece on the dangers of calling it “social media” by Stephen Tive Pirrie. Enjoy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top social media articles for 2014! For more-recent content, check out our top 2015 posts: How to Price SEO Services, How to Sell SEO (with pitch deck), and A Guide for Hiring an SEO.