Mobile marketing is evolving at a break-neck pace. It’s hard to stay on top of the latest advances. To help out, we’ve rounded up the top 20 blogs to follow to stay on top of your mobile marketing game. If you’re not even sure how to get started, we offer the 5-minute mobile solution. Subscribe to the free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter for other time-saving mobile tips.

The UpCity top 20 lists always include some deep-diving. We search the web trying to select a variety of resources that can help our small business clients. In this round-up of top mobile blogs, listed in no particular order, it was interesting to note there are very few independent thought leaders in the space. And, some of those that might have made the cut, are sparse on the regular content updates. Hmmm, new career anyone?!

  1. Bluetrain Mobile — They know their mobile and content marketing. Their blog offers knowledgable tips and weekly round-ups on optimizing your site for mobile. Love, love, love their free tools and whitepapers, so much valuable mobile info for your business. Check them out, I guarantee you’ll find something of value.
  2. Mobile Marketer  — An industry leader in mobile marketing news, conferences, and advertising. They offer a wealth of resources spanning the space for mobile newbies and experts alike. While some categories are more robust than others, stick with their home page posts and you can’t go wrong.
  3. Forrester Mobile Marketers — Forrester handily compiles all the mobile marketing blog posts into one stream. The content is extremely robust (not surprising from Forrester) with great information on all aspects of mobile marketing, websites, and apps. Contributor Melissa Parrish is a senior analyst for interactive marketing and she clearly knows her stuff!
  4. Mobivity — Mobivity has been in the mobile space since about 2007, they win points for longevity! They tailor mobile marketing solutions to local small businesses, sports, and entertainment industries. Their blog spans a variety of topics with great resources but their real value is affordable mobile solutions for the little guy. Nice job!
  5. Mobify — Mobify is quite a remarkable product that starts with your existing website. Their open solution allows you “to make any website adaptive to any device: mobile, tablets and more.” Their recent release of Mobify Studio offers a great mobile open source web design solution. With strong e-commerce capabilities, it’s a ideal for customers needing a secure site with a great user experience.
  6. The Digby Blog and The Mobile Retail Blog—  The Digby Group has been running The Mobile Retail Blog about the “intersection of retail and mobility” (shopping, my personal fave!). But they have since added a new venture, Digby LocalPoint, for mobile location-based marketing allowing clients to reach their customers at the right place and time. Interesting product from leaders in the retail mobile field.
  7. Text Sprout Mobile Marketing Blog — Text Sprout offers a variety of mobile marketing services. Their blog offers really practical tips written in a non-technical language that is easy to understand. They do a great job of keeping up with the edit calendar and regularly adding fresh content.
  8. Ericsson Mobile Commerce — If you haven’t heard of them, Ericsson is a global leader in mobile and communication technologies. They are a company with conscious, the ‘Technology for Good’ blog addresses how they use technology to improve global issues such as poverty and human rights. Their m-commerce blog addresses the importance of finance in the huge world of mobile finance.
  9. Mogreet — Mogreet is a leader in all things mobile messaging—video, text, multi-media, ads, social. Their blog is a fresh read with informative articles at a level most of us can understand. They offer great solutions with case studies and whitepapers to help educate us all.
  10. Tatango — An affordable unlimited SMS text messaging service that allows you to track mobile messaging campaigns. They also provide great customer loyalty programs to drive sales and traffic. Their blog offers helpful tips and tricks on all things mobile.
  11. Punchkick Interactive — I love that they claim they “are first and foremost, a creative firm.”  And, oh BTW, they just happen to be focused on mobile marketing. Nice! They offer affordable and creative mobile marketing services for all budgets. Their blog offers industry insight and showcases the best-of-the-best. That they’re in our hometown, Chicago, makes them even better!
  12. GoMobi — goMobi is a leading provider of lightening quick, mobile site set up. They heavily promote reseller services which are often the base of many technology companies. (If you’re in the marketing biz and need mobile up yesterday, check them out!) Their blog primarily highlights product and industry news, perfect for their core audience.
  13. TextMagicBlog — TextMagic is a text messaging provider based in the UK but with service around the globe. They are not specifically in the mobile marketing business but their blog provides valuable and practical information worth highlighting. Straight-forward info that’s easy to digest.
  14. Technology Blogged — The blog had me hooked from the intro paragraph (please, read it), I love a fresh approach! Posts range on all things technology, there’s something for everyone. Or, as they state …”Have a scroll down below to find an article which tickles your technology taste buds.”
  15.  FiddleFly — FiddleFly is a unique, full-service mobile company. They can provide easy solutions to build a standard site with creative widgets and DIY customization, teach you how to design and develop your own mobile technology at their FiddleFly University (great idea), or do it for you.
  16. SproutMobi — SproutMobi is an easy mobile website builder compatible with all mobile phones and tablets. Their blog offers great tips for Mobile SEO and more, solid content that can help the most novice mobile marketer.
  17. Vibes — Vibes is probably one of the bigger agencies on our roundup. They offer really helpful mobile news but, more than anything else, the personal voices on this blog make it a slam dunk. I love that they seem to have their own passion and write about what is of interest to them, it makes for easy reading.  As I was drilling down, happily surprised to see they share the Chicago home base, just like us.
  18. MoFuse — MoFuse is a mobile developer and content management provider. They provide services helping you build your own site or the can can do it for you. The blog offers great resources on a variety of topics.
  19. DudaMobile — I love DudaMobile if for no other reason than a great name (can you say “d0-dah do-dah day?)! They offer a great build-it-yourself mobile service with blog posts and daily tips that help all small business owners.
  20. Official Android Blog —Android=mobile. What else can we say!

Thanks to all of those on our list that help make the fast-paced world of of mobile marketing just a tad easier. We look forward to checking back in again next year.