2014 has been an amazing year for mobile. Mobile audiences have been increasing faster than ever before, websites are becoming more mobile-optimized. Your followers’ demands for high quality content on their smartphones continue to soar as their time becomes more and more valuable to marketers.

It really is an amazing revelation.

How do you expect to reach customers where they are spending most of their time: on the mobile device?

In this post we’re highlighting some of the most insightful articles we’ve read on mobile marketing this year that will help us improve our mobile strategy in 2015.

We hope you’re ready! Let’s get right into the list:

  • Sometimes we like to look back at the year’s predictions and see if they are accurate with the present. Let’s look at Ryan Blake’s 20 mobile industry predictions for 2014.


  • You can easily analyze your mobile SEO performance using SEMrush and Google Webmaster. Aleyda Solis gives us step-by-step instructions on going through the process.


  • If it’s not obvious to you yet — mobile matters. Now! Structural changes are happening with Google Search for mobile devices, and people are using this medium more than ever. Dr. Peter J. Meyers delves into an article to give us more information.


  • When crafting your mobile strategy, you should be able to map out the possible touchpoints at every step of the way. Devika Girish offers strong mobile advice for us to learn from.


  • When performing a mobile SEO audit, you need to focus on the more technical aspects of your mobile frameworks. Alex Moss sees these first steps as some of the most important.


  • Do you want your mobile questions answered by one of the top marketers in the space? Andrew Warren-Payne takes the time to answer your burning mobile questions.


  • Think of the mobile device as a completely separate device entirely. its screens are much smaller and their users spend less time on any one particular topic. Nicolette Beard showcases some of the best and worst mobile content examples.


  • How much do you know about your own mobile-optimized SEO? Learn from the masters (14 to be exact) in order to cultivate better practices on your mobile presence by Gary Viray.


  • Mobile applications or mobile websites; which one of the two is a better decision in the long-run? Adam Torkildson gives us the answer in a terrific post.


  • Joseph Kerschbaum shows us five critical factors for mobile-optimized PPC targeting.


  • Ever heard of mobile app SEO? It’s what allows you to position your mobile application within search using a combination of on-page and off-page meta data. Alan Smith provides a superb breakdown of app search optimization.


  • There are also several ways you can promote your mobile application. Rahul Varshneya lists the top three most effective ones to try out.


  • If you aren’t knowledgeable on which metrics to track or how to report mobile metrics at all, you’ve come to the right post. Avinash Kaushik writes a highly valuable guide on how to find the right metrics to make note of, as well as how to create reports for them.


  • Here are some more interesting mobile application metrics to consider adding to your reports by Bryn Adler.


  • We agree that people need to take mobile much more seriously. It’s not just a channel, it’s a lifestyle behavior. And you have to treat the content you share via mobile with more consideration. Jeff Fagel delivers an interesting conclusion in regards to mobile marketing.


  • Of course, optimizing for the mobile device isn’t a simple task. Mobile performance limits a lot of what you can do on the platform (although this should continue to improve with better smartphone iterations). Isaac Rothstein lists eight limitations that can affect mobile design.


  • Get a refresher on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of targeting mobile Internet users in this post from PromozSEO.


  • Susan Waldes sheds light on mobile call conversions and how SEMs can properly tackle these calls with seven robust tips!


  • Keep in mind the concept of deep linking with regards to directing your visitors closer to your content, product, or service. Ina Toncheva gives us more detail in her article.


  • Think deeply about how you plan to structure your mobile design. Here’s a special guide to mobile-first design by the folks at MDG Blog.

We hope you gain a lot of insight from these posts. May they help your marketing practices from now and into 2015!