Photography is an industry worth more than $10 billion, and every year the demand increases. Despite the fact that professional photography is on the rise, more and more people clamor for amateur work. However, even though the market is ripe with potential, there are still a good deal of up-and-coming photographers who don’t know the first thing about turning their hobby into a self-sustaining business venture.

If you’re starting off from the beginning, it’s going to be a long road going forward without any outside assistance. It’s often best to focus on getting as many third-party opinions as possible so that you don’t make avoidable mistakes. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 20 marketing blogs you can read to learn how to monetize your photography.

Here they are:

Alina Vincent Photography – Alina Vincent is an author, speaker, and photographer who teaches you strategies to attract clients and build your brand. Read the latest tips from her blog today!


Capturing Your Market – Learn how to market your photos to the exactly the customers you’re looking for! Head on over to the Capturing Your Marketing Blog, right here.


CreativeLive Blog – The Creative Live Blog is without a doubt, one of the best resources we’ve found on learning. Not only does it offer quality blog content, but its free live classes in photography are very worth it.


Creative Motion Design – The Creative Motion Design Blog highlights professionals and creatives every week!

Design Aglow – See how expert photographers deliver their products to the market with Design Aglow! Stand out above the rest with these smart examples.


Digital Photography School – If you’re looking for a massive resource to all of digital photogrphay, you’ve found the motherload! DPS gives you everything you need to make your images true masterpieces.


Fundy Software – The Fundy Software Blog exists to help photographers with better design and more efficient work. Check out the video tutorials and webinars to get more knowledge in the space.


Joy of Marketing – Take a good look at the Joy of Marketing Blog! This team of excellent and entrepreneurs gets you to think big with your small business. You won’t be disappointed!


Media Novak – Media Novak designs web pages for photographers and business owners. The blog features advice on branding and design to get your venture of the ground running!


Photography Spark – Photography Spark delivers the best business information for amateur photographers in order to get more customers. Here, Zach Prez teaches the ins and outs of social media, SEO, and much more!


Photography Web Marketing – Welcome to Photography Web Marketing with your host, Natalie Turner! Learn the best in photography marketing  and generating more leads when you head over today.


PhotoMint – PhotoMint is an educational resource for photographer entrepreneurs looking to succeed! Laura White is the site’s founder, spreading knowledge of the industry whenever she can.

Photoproneur – Get the latest news on photography and stunning images in the news with the Photopreneur blog! Check out the rest of the blog for more insight.


PhotoProSEO – Get all the advice you need on ranking your blog properly and SEO expertise with PhotoProSEO! The title speaks for itself.


PhotoServe – PhotoServe puts together its network of more than 15,000 creative photographers for you to learn from in its blog.

Sprout – Ready to become the next top photo extraordinaire? View some of the best small business advice on the web for improving your photo skills on the blog.

Start a Successful Photography Business – While not updated much, Amanda Stock’s blog gives terrific information on marketing and selling through your photography business.


Tuts+ Photography – Tuts+ has a excellent section on photography in its blog archives. Learn new ways to optimize your photos and smart marketing practices to experiment with.


Zenologue – Find more clients for your photography practice with the help of the Zenologue! Read the blog articles and listen to the podcast — the photography marketers are here to help.

Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the top marketing blogs in the photography niche! We really hope this helps you get to where you aim in business. If you have any other helpful blogs to suggest, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.