Google+ continues to grow as users get more and more established on the platform. It’s no surprise that long-time G-plus users appreciate the ability to create, manage, and be a part of specialized social circles. With more than 359 million monthly active users, that is an understatement. However, there have been enough communities released to give rise to the question: what are the best communities to join, especially if I’m a small business owner?

It is difficult to find Google+ communities that contain adequate engagement yet don’t end up labeled as link building directories in the process. Our goal included finding groups more interested in helping new members than attaining the highest number of +1’s. A strong community is not the quantity of content but rather the level of engagement. Moreover, high quality content comes from intelligent discussion and not from building a lot of links.

Although we know what are the best Google Plus Pages to follow and how to become a Google+ expert, we have trouble pinpointing the best communities within which to network and learn from. As a result, we put together this list of the top 20 Google+ communities small business owners should join.

  1. Adsense™ Community on Google Plus – Hold on. While it is not the official Adsense G+ Page, this community provides great support as a platform for responsible publishers who do not dabble in blackhat tactics. It sounds like a good time for businesses looking to earn an honest day’s traffic!
  2. Android Design – We know many business owners sit on the fence about transforming their businesses to mobile optimization. Until you decide to take the leap, browse this group for ideas on how you want your mobile site to look. Who knows? Maybe some of these examples will provide ideas for your desktop site experience as well.
  3. Community Managers – Sherrie Rohde is maker of the Community Managers community group and a member of the My Community Manager team. This group seeks to understand the management of community experiences among a great deal of dedicated individuals. Join the group to learn more.
  4. Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, & Small Business – A global network for entrepreneurs and the self-employed, this community cultivates support and value above all. In addition to the posting of inspirational material and TED Talks, you will find link sharing tips.
  5. Good Business – Encouraging good business practice, the Good Business crowd is vocal and seeks intriguing commentary. Gideon Rosenblatt pushes members to communicate as well as share valuable links that offer information to contribute business knowledge.
  6. Google Apps – Authority small businesses consistently improve their Google application stack for maximum efficiency. The Google Apps group helps business owners address this potential problem. Whenever you have trouble wrapping your head around these Apps, plan your next stop here.
  7. Google Authorship and Author Rank – Welcome to the Google+ community created by Mark Traphagen, specifically targeting questions related to Google Authorship. While this group’s members certainly help with basic setup, don’t hesitate to discuss interesting questions on the subject.
  8. Google+ Discuss – Created by the experts over at Google, this community is filled with eager individuals learning how to get the most out of Google+. Some of the top Google Plus users spend time here, so feel free to ask your simplistic questions directly to them.
  9. Google Plus for Small Business – Interested in integrating Google+ with your local small business? You arrived at the right spot. Stephan Hovnanian moderates this open group where learners ask questions, discuss network updates, and introduce their small businesses. This group is a very active gathering of users, so definitely check this one out.
  10. Google Plus Helper – Jaana Nyström is another G+ influencer who we featured in the past. However, we had yet to peek at her community page. Avid learners looking to get the best advice on Google Plus will want to make time to participate in these discussions.
  11. Google Plus Newbie – This community is a small, but strong assembly of power users and fresh newcomers to the Google+ platform. Run by Vanessa Leota, members serve one another and share useful information to learn as much as possible with the social network.
  12. Google Plus Pro Tips – Next, we present another splendid group offering quick advice in to become accustomed to Google Plus. Whether you are fresh on the platform or experienced beyond your years, there is no question you will superb teaching on this page.
  13. Google+ Updates – The creators of the fantastic Google Plus Daily blog moderate the impressive Google+ Updates community. Here they share tips for Google+ usage, common complaints, and platform support. Have you experienced a unique problem with the network? If all else fails, submit it here.
  14. Plus Your Business! – Once again, we spotlight Martin Shervington to aid you in integrating Google Plus with your business! Martin provides weekly business tips via video and blog, and he offers community hungry discussions on how Google Plus benefits your company. Win win!
  15. SEO+ – Search Engine Optimization / Website Design – Picture all the best SEO topics combined into one responsive, quick forum. Ranging from local SEO to converting web design, this SEO group contains a vast amount of material that teaches everything you need to know about ranking in search engines.
  16. SEO Questions – Looking for answers to your basic SEO questions? Head to Jim Munro’s Google+ community page . Everyone was a beginner at one point, so have no fear when asking for help in this space. This is a great page for beginners to SEO.
  17. Small Business – We encourage SMBs to join this community and address their business business concerns. The Small Business group presents entertaining hangouts and excellent tips for Google Plus and your business.
  18. Social Media 4 Good Community – Performing good deeds with social media does not have to seem like a lonely crusade when a motivated tribe of like-minded individuals back you up! Inspired by Gabriel Reynoso, learn how social media is distinctly helping to change the world through cause marketing, as well as contribute to your goals and find assistance accomplishing them.
  19. Social Media Strategy – Interested in ramping up your social media strategy and learning from market professionals? You should seriously consider joining the Social Media Strategy group. Heavily moderated for high quality content, intriguing discussions are the main value-add here. Interesting thoughts from industry leaders on how social impacts your marketing strategy add to this solid resource.
  20. Social Media – Where Conversation is King – This is another great social media community created by Scott Kleinberg, the Social Medialogist. Business owners will discover detailed infographics, webinars, and more.
  21. Startup Bootstrappers – Building Internet Startups – Curious about building your startup on the web? Maybe you should join the Startup Bootstrappers, an engaging Google Plus Community by Saul Fleischman. This is a small, dedicated group of Google Plussers learning and building as much as they can to release actual early-stage internet applications. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the startup world, find potential cofounders, or learn what it takes to bootstrap your own business, this community is a ‘must-join’.

It really has been the summer of Google+!

Finding the best Google+ communities to join can be a tough search, so we are always looking for amazing groups that people thrive in. In the comments below, let us know about any community suggestions to add to this list.

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