Facebook’s 1.5 billion profiles (and growing) represent the largest potential consumer network aggregate on the Internet. If you are seriously looking to engage with this enormous audience in a cost effective, efficient way, you will need help. Simply drawing people to like your page will not work any more; Facebook only sends out posts to about 10 percent of your audience in order to drive more traffic to its ad program.

Fortunately, there are a slew of Facebook promotion apps that will increase your engagement, automate your publication and otherwise give you a much better return on investment then you could get on your own. Here are 20 of the top Facebook promotion apps that you should be using today.

Agora Pulse 

Agora Pulse is a dashboard that shows you an overview of the activity on your Facebook page, schedule all of your posts and start your campaigns from a central location. You can organize photo contests, coupon giveaways, fan votes, personality tests, instant win prizes, quizzes and sweepstakes. The app comes with a free trial.

EdgeRank Checker 

EdgeRank Checker gives you a complete look at your Facebook page on an easy to use user interface. The visuals on this site are very inviting, so this is a great program for newcomers who need something cool to look at. If you upgrade into one of their paid plans, you will get some nifty extra features like key metrics and page recommendations.


ShortStack gives you an incredible number of options inside of an easy to use campaign editor. This is one of the most effective apps on the market for putting out campaigns quickly.


SnapApp helps you to create interactive content such as videos, calculators, infographics, contests and quizzes for Facebook without any of the IT hassle that usually comes along with this kind of campaign. You can request a free demo from the website to see exactly how it works.


Antavo gives you options for creating a loyalty program specifically through gamification. The purpose of the app is directed at customer retention, so if you already have an audience that you need to re-engage on some level, this very well could be the app for you.


GroSocial is a creation and management suite for Facebook all in one. The Customizer turns your Facebook page from amateur hour into a website that can compete with larger brands without having to hire a third party. The real value here is that you can add features that are usually only found on Fortune 500 Facebook page sites.

Facebook Page Barometer 

The Facebook Page Barometer gives you the “health” of your Facebook page at a glance. Brought to you by the same people who programmed Agora Pulse, the Barometer allows you to instantly compare your page to others of its size using metrics like feedback, engagement, virality and reach.

AgoraPulse Contest

This is a contest specific app that connects your Facebook pages together to allow you to create three different contest types easily – the sweepstakes, the photo contest and the quiz.

Conversation Score

You do not have to authorize this app through Facebook, which is a huge advantage. Spy on your competitors by looking at their page’s engagement, performance and influence without a trace. This is a free tool that can give you a great deal of information that many paid tools cannot.


Likealyzer helps you to review any Facebook page that you want to give it a score. The app will also give you recommendations on how this page could improve itself. This works for pages that you own and do not own, so you can test your page rank against that of your competitors and get tips from both perspectives.

FanPage Karma 

FanPage Karma has one of the most detailed analysis of a Facebook page of any app on the market. However, you can drill down only as deeply as you need. The metrics that the app follows include benchmarking, influencers, fan engagement and tagging.

Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics 

Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics is a very quick and easy tool to use, and it can be extremely fun as well. This tool is a search engine for Facebook profiles that can return you a large amount of information on you – or your competitors.


Postplanner gives you the opportunity to engage a viral search feature to get a lot of traction out of pages that may not seem as though they have the reach to get big things done. The viral search feature helps you to find photos that are “scientifically proven” to go viral.


Pagemodo lets you create cover images, visual posts and run contests. You can schedule your posts to help automate your publishing schedule and even find content for your posts. The app also gives you templates for great looking posts that are drag and drop.


Qwaya lets you automatically split target your ads so that you can quickly create a campaign that will appeal to your chosen audience. Once you find the campaign of your choice, you can create that campaign automatically and set a folder structure for large scale campaigns.


Adroll is a retargeting and prospecting platform that has access to over 500 different ad exchanges. You will be able to monitor the performance of the ads you place while integrating it with other top advertising aps.

Perfect Audience

You gain dynamic retargeting capabilities for the web and mobile ads through Perfect Audience. Facebook retargeting is one of the best features, connecting you to the News Feed.


You can start many different campaigns using BT:Connect including friend challenges, giveaways, photo sharing, discounts and polls. You can also create a list for future campaigns that you can eventually turn into a sales list.

Fan of the Week 

Fan of the Week is a single campaign app that you can connect to YouTube and Instagram to encourage your fans to engage with you. Watch your fans jockey for position once this app takes hold on your Facebook page.

YouTube Tab 

If you utilize YouTube a great deal for your marketing campaign, then YouTube tab is a no brainer. Your Facebook fans gain easy access to your full library of YouTube videos and a selection of features from YouTube on the Facebook platform as well.

Although this is a great list to get you started, the one truth about the app market is that it is always growing. If you have another Facebook app that has given you a better engagement, tell us about it below!

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared in July 2013. It has been updated to reflect changes, as well as newly available tools and solutions. 

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