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Facebook is the indisputable leader of the social media revolution. From humble beginnings to a nationally publicized IPO, everyone knows you must be on Facebook to give legs to your business social media campaign

Keeping up with all of the new developments and the best social media practices can be difficult. That’s especially true if you’re new to Facebook marketing, or if you’ve been doing it for a few years only to find that your reach is slowly but steadily shrinking. To save you time, we’ve identified the resources that will help you get more out of your company’s Facebook presence.

Without any further ado (and in no particular order), here’s our Top 20:

Social Pro Daily: Published by Adweek, Social Pro Daily tracks what’s new in social media. That includes new apps, new features, and new best practices to boost your business’s signal among the noise. You’ll find tips on better ad spending, how big brands are leveraging social media, and indications that Pokemon Go is (somehow) still a thing.

Pam Ann Marketing: Pam Aungst covers internet marketing and SEO, and while most of her posts are related to Google, you’ll find the occasional Facebook-related news post or hot tip among her writings. Pam Ann Marketing is a good stop if Facebook is just one facet of your larger efforts.

Mari Smith: She was an alpha tester for Facebook, and she’s been exploring its potential for business for a decade. She brings years of knowledge and experience to her writing. So when Mari Smith dispenses weekly advice on using Facebook for business, people listen.

John Haydon: Billing himself as The Nonprofit Facebook Guy, John Haydon dispenses advice to nonprofits struggling to expand their social media reach. Topics covered include online fundraising, design, Pinterest marketing, cause marketing, and donor communication. However, even if nonprofits aren’t your bailiwick, there’s still plenty of actionable advice here.

AgoraPulse: Your social media presence probably includes more than Facebook, of course. AgoraPulse brings an agency’s perspective to the social media landscape, helping you get the most out of not only Facebook, but also Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Ignite Social Media: Sometimes it’s as useful to read how another company’s getting it right as it is to get a list of action items. Ignite Social Media traces the evolution and potential of the major players in social media, leavening their advice with plenty of brand stories and a hefty dose of humor.

Andrea Vahl: Not everyone can claim to have written the book on Facebook marketing. Andrea Vahl has (Facebook Marketing for Dummies). Her blog and free ebook are filled with useful advice delivered in a breezy, easy-to-grasp style.

Deborah Smith: Deborah’s a veteran of the social media marketing space. Reading her blog start to finish would be a great way to trace the evolution of social media marketing, and content marketing more generally. We suggest you start with her most recent posts if you need to familiarize yourself quickly with the current state of play.

Nanigans: Mobile advertising has experienced explosive growth in recent years. Nanigans is helping brands navigate the potential, and the pitfalls, with a special focus on Facebook. Covering topics ranging from social proof to microtargeting, this agency isn’t afraid to show off — or share — what it knows.

Infusionsoft: A leading CRM, Infusionsoft helps you automate nearly every point in your sales funnel. That makes them vital reading if your social media presence is a key ingredient in driving more conversions.

Kissmetrics: We seem to feature Kissmetrics on roughly half the posts we write, but there’s a reason for that: time and time again, they offer insightful information that helps you better engage your clients wherever you may find them. Finding the Facebook-related content involves a bit of spelunking, but it’s worth it for the insights they offer.

Quicksprout: Neil Patel’s Quicksprout blog is a Swiss Army Knife for traffic and conversions, taking a holistic approach to gathering and converting more site visitors. He covers SEO, ecommerce, social media, and much more. His posts are long and informative, to the point that you’re likely to find yourself clicking on something you had no intention of reading and coming away with something useful in spite of yourself.

Jon Loomer: Even though Jon Loomer’s site is geared toward the classes he offers to entrepreneurs and businesses (all Facebook-focused), he also gives away plenty through a blog that’s well-written and informative. From myth busting to solving common problems, there’s plenty here to help you use Facebook better.

ChaosMap: An agency that specializes (in part) in DFY Facebook ads, ChaosMap brings better-than-average insight into what works for Facebook marketing. Their blog also covers SEO, social media etiquette, and more. Navigation can be frustrating, but the site’s blog entries and case studies are highly informative.

Social Media Examiner: Not a specialist in Facebook, Social Media Examiner is still vital reading. After all, Facebook remains the segment’s 800-pound gorilla, so you’ll find plenty of coverage here among items on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms.

Social Media Explorer: Facebook doesn’t come with a map and compass, but Social Media Explorer is pretty darn close. The site covers a bit of all things social media, including plenty of tips to get the most out of your Facebook efforts.

HubSpot Blog: Although this is a general-purpose business marketing blog, HubSpot does better than most at spotting and capitalizing on trends in social media. Given the company’s focus on Facebook marketing, when they have something to say about the social media behemoth, it’s worth hearing.

Buffer: Brands large and small turn to Buffer to manage their social media. They’re good at what they do — good enough to share what they know for the benefit of businesses of all sizes.

Seth Godin: What post on marketing would be complete without a mention of Seth Godin? While his blog doesn’t often explicitly cover Facebook, it’s a welcome corrective to some of the advice you’ll find from the blogs listed above. Why? It’s less about algorithms and a series of step-by-step how to’s than it is about remembering — or regaining — your brand’s authentic voice. That’s useful on Facebook, or anywhere else your brand finds itself.

Facebook Newsroom: If you’re going to run a Facebook page or group, or your business relies on Facebook ads and engagement, where better to go than the source? It can be challenging gleaning business insights amid the sheer volume of news generated by the site, but it’s time well-spent.

If you think there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with all the blogs above, you’re probably right. If you’re finding it difficult keeping up with your content strategy and social media marketing without adding to your reading list, we can sympathize. More importantly, we can help.

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