Welcome back to our end-of-the-year series regarding our top picks for articles in designated categories. These past weeks, we’ve gone over content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, local marketing, and more! Keep checking back on our favorite articles up until the very end of 2014.

You’re going to need top of the line conversion tips as we head into 2015, and these articles will help give you the upper hand.

Read on to get a look at our top 20 conversion optimization articles from the past year!

  • Your website doesn’t seem to be converting well. Looks like it’s time for an overhaul! Whoa, slow down there. A major web redesign might not be the solution. Peep Laja offers his advice on the extent of changing your site’s design.


  • It’s no surprise that ranking factors matter a whole lot in search engine conversions. Take a look at how traffic differs among the top 10 results in Google with Gary Moyle.


  • The key to activating your users is to understand their perspectives once they come onto your website. Here are 21 specific hacks you can use to test and learn from your audience by Jacek Blaut.


  • This article guarantees your visitors won’t EVER leave your website. Okay, not really, but the article points out several conveniences you should incorporate into your site layout. Here’s Kristy Bernales with the full article.


  • This is the holy grail of conversion articles. Get some of the top experts in the industry to offer in-depth advice on conversion practices with live examples! Presented by Amanda Durepos.


  • Now this article isn’t something we necessarily agree with, but both the article and comments provide interesting viewpoints on whether you should mark form fields as “required.” Here’s Anthony’s post.


  • Increase your conversion rate by more than 500%! Want to know the secret? All it takes is repurposing some of your most popular blog posts into brand new content pieces! Here’s Brian Dean with a step-by-step guide.


  • How to the folks at Airbnb perform experiments? You can learn quite a bit from their methods. Jan Overgoor outlines us the experimentation process.


  • Do product reviews improve conversions on your website? It would seem to be the case. Find the answer in this article by Darren Hunt.


  • It’s easy to test variables and get results, but how do you get results that are statistically significant? Tom Capper has six things you need to know on this


  • Here are the CRO tools as listed by 14 CRO experts! Robb Lejuwaan publishes this one.


  • There’s power in a free trial account, especially if the trial is long-term. Learn about the benefits of the “endowment effect” and how this can increase your overall conversion rate. Thanks, Talia Wolf!


  • Are you looking to increase your conversions and FAST? Steven Macdonald shares four simple tips that took his conversion rate to the next level.


  • Check out some landing page best practices revealed by Morgan Brown!


  • We love these slideshows, as they’re a terrific inside look into the professional onboarding and conversion practices from some the top enterprises. Samuel Hulick reveals the onboarding process for Google Inbox.



  • To generate leads, understand the funnel of website. Chris Getman teaches us how to better understand a website’s online potential.


  • Boost your conversion rate with the proper imagery! Landon Donovan provides much insight through this detailed post.


  • Social share counters are a blessing and curse. They highlight your blog or website’s highest highs and its lowest lows for all to see. But here’s a social share tool that can change everything: Karol K reveals this great tool.


  • Was this the year we finally connected local phone calls with online analytics? Tommy Walker seems to have bridged the gap between the two in order for you to better track conversions.


We hope you liked reading our roundup of top posts by these terrific marketers! Check back soon for our next list for 2014.