Knowledge is power. Content is king. Free traffic rocks.

More accurate words were never spoken in the world of content marketing. But how do you take your knowledge, transfer it to consumable content, and then find targeted customers? Today’s content marketers know it’s about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right message—educating, engaging, and entertaining (sign-up for our free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter to get more small business tips on using Twitter).

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Twitter content marketers. FTR – this was not an easy task as there are 1000s and 1000s of great authors, entrepreneurs, publishers, and small businesses using the medium to spread the word. We just didn’t have room for them all.

We’ve broken it into two groups:

  1. Small business owners that do a great job of focusing on customers
  2. Expert content marketers that can teach all of us a thing or two

Small Business Owners

We searched for small business owners that use Twitter to promote their business with content, special offers, and time-sensitive material. To be successful, you need to do more than just retweet other’s content. You need to craft unique messages, engage customers, and let your personality shine through. We picked a few that do just that.

  1. Chicago Beer Experience @ChicagoBeerExp – In the land of breweries, Chicago Beer Experience excels. They use content to attract customers to their tours offering fun and little known facts. They get you interested in their service without asking you to come along for the tour. Great content marketing.
  2. Sprinkles Cupcakes @sprinkles – Sprinkles uses Twitter (and a variety of other social media) to stay connected with customers. Their content is often mouth-watering images and they know how to bring them in. Their integration of different social media is a great example of how to integrate different channels.
  3. Rick Risemberg @ BicycleFixation – This Los Angeles bike shop sets a great example that all small business content marketers should try to emulate. As a local business, they focus on bicycle topics in the area, ones that affect their customers most.
  4. Jann Mirchandani @JannMirch – This small business owner wins points for consistency and client mentions. Her quick tweets make for easy reading she stays focussed on the business at hand.
  5. Renegade Craft Fair @RenegadeCraftFair – Content takes on all different forms, including publicizing events, and this craft fair team does it well. Using updates from different locations and artists, everyone tunes in when the fair is coming to town.  They cross reference different social media for added impact.
  6. 13 Celcius @13Celsius – This European Wine Bar & Cafe in Houston TX knows how to maximize Twitter with special offers that drive customers to their business. Regular tweets keep customers engaged, especially if you’re an enthusiast. The passion around their product is hard to miss.
  7. Seamless @seamless – Seamless is an online food ordering and delivery service serving many cities. They feature local restaurants from their network and pull out special deals they find. Nice that they help cut through the noise! They also run a regular promotional contest (#BestEats) encouraging followers to ‘tweet what they eat’ for a chance to win a daily prize.
  8. Hotel Indigo @HotelIndigo – This chain of boutique hotels does everything right. They focus on franchises by highlighting features of different hotels, provide links to valuable tourist content in local areas they are located, along with giveaways to get travelers to participate online.

Content Marketing Experts

The experts on our list make their living working social media and crafting content . Some are in the small business sector and others that are not. Take time to follow them or read what they have to say, we can all learn by their example.

  1. John Jantsch @ducttape – John is the owner of Duct Tape Marketing and well-known for his no-nonsense marketing approach. A small business guru, he knows how to provide content to his customers in manageable and practical ways. His Twitter feed shows his commitment to ‘smaller is better’ and engaging customers/followers with his personal story.
  2. Charlene Kingston @SocialMediaDIY – Charlene is a consumate entrepreneur and small business owner. She takes a direct approach in using Twitter for business. Her tweets engage others, highlight great content, and promote her own business appropriately.
  3. Denise O’Berry @deniseoberry – Denise is passionate about small business success and uses Twitter to it’s full potential but doesn’t let it get too overwhelming. Note her URL leading directly to a landing page on her site welcoming Twitter users. A smart small business tactic others can replicate.
  4. Joe Pulizzi @juntajoe – Joe heads up the Content Marketing Institute and has championed ‘quality’ content since mid-2000s before many of us realized how important it was. View his conversation threads and tweets, you’ll quickly see it isn’t about ‘fluff’. Great content marketing that even the smallest business can aspire towards.
  5. Eric Wittlake @wittlake – Eric is Media Director at Babcock & Jenkins in Portland, OR. His Twitter expertise is clearly visibile — his short messages make sense (despite character limitations) and he brings a personal spin to the feed.
  6. Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang – Jeremiah is a brilliant digital strategist, he always seems to do things with a slightly different spin. His Twitter content is great and his profile links you to a page on ‘How he uses Twitter’. Great idea!
  7. Anita Campbell @smallbiztrends (and @BizSugar) – Anita is a prolific social media expert and entrepreneur. Anita is ALL about content and shares regularly on topics that matter. She links back to her site and sets a a great example of how to attract customers with short bits of enticing copy.
  8. Steve Strauss @stevestrauss – Steve writes a column on small business for USA Today, he knows a thing or two about the art of content marketing. He offers a great balance of self promotion (his recent book, The Small Business Bible, 3rd Edition) and promoting other small business.
  9. Lee Odden @leeodden – Lee was in content marketing industry before there was even such a term. He provides incredibly practical tips that all small business owners can take and use today. A personal fave!
  10. Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer – An extremely well-known speaker, author, and marketing guru, Mark’s tweets are interesting and informative. His retweets of others commenting on his blog are a great example of subtle content promotion. He doesn’t just toot his own horn to drive business.
  11. Brian Clark @copyblogger – On our list because his web content is any marketers dream. He tends to be selective on Twitter which makes it more appealing. If you don’t ‘steal’ ideas or follow team Copyblogger, you’re missing out. They offer some of the most practical, actionable tips around for content marketing. Btw – you don’t need to steal, they give it for free!
  12. Ann Handley @MarketingProfs – Ann has been a leader in the content marketing industry, and on Twitter, for many years. Besides great links and information, she makes great use of images and video on Twitter to engage people in different formats.

Overwhelmed by content on Twitter? Don’t be. Our list of experts show you how easy it is to be done with a few twists along the way.