Ever since Google+ launched back in 2011, small business owners have been curious about its purpose in marketing business plans. Although Google is the world’s most popular search engine, businesses have doubted its engagement and influence in comparison to other social networks. However, we hope that the recent changes to Google+’s user interface persuades marketers and small businesses to realize the value of conquering Google+ once and for all.

Much can be said about the importance of including Google+ in your SEO strategy. Of course, becoming a Google+ aficionado is a lot easier said than done. Along with Google+ Personal Pages, there are Google+ Local Pages and Google+ Business Pages. Where are business owners going to find the information that’s not only relevant but also understandable enough to master the entire suite of Google+?

Well, look no further. We compiled 20 of the best Google+ blogs you’ll need to become a Google+ expert in no time flat! Also, if you are still unsure about the future of this enticing social network and local marketing tool, don’t worry. Google+ is here to stay. Check out this list of authors and resources below to begin amping up your Google+ visibility! We’ve divided this list into three parts: blogs about the entirety of Google+ and business, blogs specializing in Google+ Local, and the Google+ Pages of of a few industry experts.

Blogs about Google Plus and Business

  1.  9to5 Google – Do you want around-the-clock news on Google Plus? Well, that is easily taken care of with the 9to5 Google blog. The guys at 9to5 put together compelling video and written content that both pleases the eye and engages the mind in all things Google Plus. If you’re looking for a well-regarded site that goes above and beyond and provides its audience with updated reviews and slick-looking content, look no further than 9to5 Google.
  2. Blogging With Amy – Amy Lynn Andrews has been a self-taught blogging instructor for years now, and in her series of Google Plus posts, she teaches you all the ins and outs of Google Plus (customization, author rank, etc.). You are guaranteed to get a hands-on approach on how to actually craft a remarkable Google Plus page. Beginners should check out her blog archives too.
  3. Google and Your Business – This blog targets small business owners looking for specific tactics to get them ahead of the competition. Read about different use cases for Google Plus. In addition, attend free webinars that will teach you how to make more sense of the Google platform from a business perspective. This is a must read for all small business owners.
  4. Google Plus Daily – The team of bloggers that manages this blog do an incredible job of taking all the news and updates surrounding Google Plus and condensing it into manageable and stylish posts. Their vibrant community of intelligent readers offers in-depth, dynamic discussions on any and all things Google Plus.
  5. Googling Social –  Chris Lang offers a an incredibly comprehensive blog filled with different tests and assessments on all of the Google Plus features that date back to the beginning of its launch. This is a really great guide for an intense look at all things Google Plus.
  6. Hot Blog Tips – Hot Blog Tips is written by several bloggers (and headed by Brian D. Hawkins) with a goal of teaching the best tips to create successful blogs. This is especially the case with their articles on Google Plus. Check out common issues people run into using Google Plus, and be far ahead of the game the next time you find yourself trapped in a confusing part of the platform.
  7. Inside GPlus – Inside G+ is another great blog that summarizes all of the latest and most important Google Plus news into a digestible format. Keep your knowledge consumption short and sweet by reading Inside G+.
  8. The G+ Resource – Think of the G+ resource as an expansive library for Google Plus beginners. Information on Google +’s past and future is here for the taking! This is simply an excellent knowledge base on Google Plus.
  9. The Google+ Developers Blog – The Google+ developers write this comprehensive blog. From visual mockups to detailed breakdowns of the latest innovations on the Google+ platform, the Google+ Developers Blog is one of the best places to find information straight from the minds of the creators.
  10. Social Media Examiner – Want to learn interesting Google Plus tips, listen to in-depth podcast interviews, and read expertly crafted blog posts? Look no further than the awesome Social Media Examiner blog! If you’re looking for competitive insights from one of the most popular social media blogs on the web, the SME writers will more than satisfy your thirst for insider knowledge and marketing acumen.
  11. Sprout Insights – Sprout Social is a social CRM startup company, and the team keeps their blog up to date with the latest news in the social media space, including recent Google Plus News. Sprout Insights is dedicated to giving the straight facts on all of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Bookmark the Sprout Insights blog for all the latest news on Google Plus.
  12. Virante – Virante is an internet marketing blog that publishes blog posts all about tips and tricks to getting the most out of using Google Plus. Whether you’re looking for a quality case study or simple tips to boost your rankings, check out the Virante blog for the latest and greatest learnings into Google Plus.

Blogs about Google Plus Local

  1. Blumenthals – Mike Blumenthal’s blog offers top-of-the-line and up-to-date advice on Google Plus Local. As a veteran expert in the industry, he offers powerful knowledge on the usability of Google Plus Local. If you’re looking for an advanced expert’s opinion, you’ve found it right here.
  2. Brafton – The Brafton Blog focuses on brand management and content marketing, including content on Google Plus as well as Google Plus Local. A quality read if you’re looking for high quality content geared to small business owners.
  3. Google Places Optimization – This blog places a huge emphasis on increasing the effectiveness of Google Plus Local for your website. If you’re looking for great advice for beginners, try this blog! The tips are simple enough to get you started on the right path.
  4. Local Visibility System – Another highly respected blog that focuses exclusively on Google Plus Local, Phil Rozek offers insightful information to make sure your Google Plus Pages are optimized for local searches.  This is a must-read to becoming an expert on local search.
  5. NGS Marketing – Interested in reading the thoughts and learnings of a young SEO? Read Nyagoslav Zhekov’s thoughts on Google Plus Local SEO in order to better position your business for marketing. Read his blog if you’d like an insightful and personal take on Google Plus and SEO.

Google Plus Pages

  1. G+ GoToGal – This Google Plus page is a great reference for your knowledge and questions regarding how to use Google Plus. Follow Yifat Cohen to join free webinars about the Google+ platform and to gain interesting new perspectives on its present and future status.
  2. Google Plus Helper – Jaana Nyström created this first-rate Google Plus Page as a solid knowledge base for newcomers. There is some really exemplary material here ranging from simple basics to neat hacks/tips. Check out her blog too for walkthroughs on Google+’s supplementary features.
  3. +Mark Traphagen – As the Director of Digital Outreach at the Virante Orange Juice Blog, Mark Traphagen is very knowledgeable on digital marketing and social media. If you are looking to learn from a vibrant community of Google Plus enthusiasts, put this page at the top of your list!
  4. +Martin Shervington – Martin Shervington’s page consists of all things Google, and he also consults on marketing and psychology. Check his page for valuable posts about Google updates and other experts in the space.
  5. +Ronnie Bincer – This Google Plus page belongs to Ronnie Bincer, a veteran expert in video content marketing and Google Plus. If you enjoy content with a varied assortment of tips and tricks, follow him on Google Plus.

Are you familiar with other Google Plus blogs and resources? If you know of any important ones we might have missed, feel free to share them in the comments below!