Agencies are always seeking ways to scale their services to consumers, businesses, and even other agencies. These companies are willing to invest millions of dollars to acquire much greater returns in sales. One such example of where companies are investing is in advertising through social media.

We’re all aware that social media does indeed have its place as one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing. Now, a lot of agencies have stepped into the social media ring themselves in order to build deeper connections with fans and followers from across the globe. The benefit of doing this is 1) customers are much more likely to trust your brand and 2) you get instant feedback on questions or ideas you post to your social media feed.

We’ve come across quite a few examples of top agency social engagement and have put together a list of some of our favorite social agencies on Twitter.

Here are our top 20 agency profiles that you should follow!

@SmashLAB – SmashLAB creates websites, brands, and applications for its clients. Looking at its Twitter engagement, you can see examples of SmashLAB connecting with users and posting media in a timely manner.

 @R/GA – R/GA is a full-service agency that transform the way audiences view brands. With its creative tweets and funny communications, the agency does a terrific job relating to its followers.

@CrainsChicago – If you’re looking for the best Chicago business news, look no further than Crain’s Chicago! Learn about advertising and entrepreneurship in this content-driven Twitter feed.

@TheLavinAgency – The Lavin Agency strives for smarter ideas and dialogue for a much better world. It shares content updates from its site and shares videos from esteemed experts and speakers.

@BBHNewYork – BBHNewYork conjures groundbreaking ideas and getting results for its clients. If you want to see the makers behind some of your favorite video advertisements, you’ll love this feed!

@TheVonAgency – The Von Agency represents artists, comedians, politicians, and designers. Its Twitter strategy is also primarily content-based; take a look for a great example of posting.

@Bigspaceship – Big Spaceship is here to deliver the best insights in the biz! Every week a different member of the team heads up tweets, allowing followers a unique perspective on relevant content in the digital space.

@Overit – This award-winning agency specializes in design, motion graphics, and advertising, to name a few. The way Overit shares posts and engages with its audience is definitely something to be emulated.

@JBChiMarketing – If you’re ready to catapult your business forward, follow the folks at JB Chicago. Retweeting content and asking for audience opinions is a key strategy in building loyalty and reputation.

@ColorJar – ColorJar drives brands’ positioning strategy through custom websites and apps. The Twitter feed updates followers on current events and development news for those interested.

@BlueGlass – If you want to be remarkable, make note of BlueGlass! This UK agency tweets valuable content and retweets the top authorities in the industry.

@StayDarsh – Darsh works with prestigious clients in Birmingham and London. The agency tweets some of the best tech news and digital content on the web, so don’t miss out!

@DeloitteDIGI_US – Deliotte has serious creative chops and displays it quite well in its Twitter feed. It promotes some of its stickier content along with interesting videos and images.

@YMarketing – YMarkeitng offers digital solutions at a breakneck speed. View its blog posts and social media photos for more insight!

@NoiseDigital – Located in Canada, Noise Digital does creative work in digital advertising. Take a look at images of dynamic talks and videos of creative inspiration!

@Hugeinc – “Make something you love” says the bio of digital agency, Huge. Have a look at its engaging feed of high quality videos, keynotes, and insightful Promoted Tweets.

@TheVIAagency – If you’ve ever thought of adding personality to your tweets, check out the VIA Agency. Get another inside look of an agency’s offices in addition to content that enriches and engages followers.

@Sapientnitro – “A story lived is better than a story told.” Does that sum it up for you? SapientNitro’s aim is to redefine storytelling for a new age in global media. Every tweet is valuable and worth going through for useful content.

@Barbariangroup – The Barbarian Group’s feed is as awesome as it sounds! The team shares interesting crew photos and screencaps from its shared media.

@Carrot – Carrot is a full-service digital agency that operates under the VICE label. From videos to Instagram shots and Tumblr posts, the Carrot team does a marvelous job of pulling followers into its world.

We hope you enjoyed our top 25 agency picks for this list! If there are any other selections you have in mind for agency Twitter accounts, please let us know via the comments section.

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