A new year means new resolutions for both you and your business! We know that this year you want your marketing to be at its best. However, in order to improve and blow past your previous traffic numbers, you need to get a higher level overview of where marketing is heading.

Mobile is an absolute must this year if you want more traffic. Smartphone penetration in the US is already nearly 75% at the beginning of 2015. If your audience is always on its phone, make sure you’re a prominent fixture on the platform.

Get your social media in gear. Not just with automated messages, but also skillful customer service and open lines of communication.

Spend time writing valuable content so both you and your audience can learn more about your industry.

Now these goals are all well and good, but what’s the process to making them a reality? To help you in this process, we’ll put together a list of incredibly insightful articles you should keep top of mind as you come up with your marketing strategy for this year.

There are some really interesting ideas in these posts that should not be overlooked if you want to stay on top of the marketing game. Here are the top articles we recommend!

  • Video captures more eyeballs? Social media is more important than ever before? These 2015 predictions really set the tone for the new year, and keep these brainstorming sessions in mind is what marketing is all about. Cindy King’s post should be referred to constantly, especially if you want to see if these predictions are proven true!
  • The question on every marketer’s mind is how exactly is mobile going to change for businesses? We’re going way beyond just having a mobile site and employing loyalty apps. It’s about making sure mobile data is utilized in a way that strengthens the relationship with the customer. Puneet Metha shares more to this story.
  • You can build out your website’s online link profile relatively easily if you take the time look into site acquisition. Matthew Barby teaches us how to stand out and compete against the top players with this method.
  • This year, make unsubscribes work for you! Make it easy to do and get feedback when your readers do it. Kathryn Aragon cites a relevant infographic in this post.
  • User-generated content is often in the form of blog comments. But UGC is going to have much larger implications for companies working to promote this type of content. Ekaterina Walter has the complete article.
  • Here’s a helpful list of suggestions on targeting and personalization with your messaging from Targeting Mantra.
  • You can never have too many predictions this year! Heidi Cohen lists 10 unique possibilities on what the year holds in store for the ever-present content marketing industry.
  • Google has quite the place in the minds of online users. Tad Chef explains the power Google continues to gain over the personal brands of the Internet.
  • Looking for ways to improve your social sharing options? Reginald Chan puts out a post on the top 30 WordPress plugins for this function. 
  • As a content marketer, it can be difficult to see how other content marketers are faring in the race for more traffic. Michele Linn presents some research-driven insights on the marketers of our time.
  • Social media went through some serious evolutionary attempts in the last half of 2014. Ritika Trikha writes out five of the most prevalent social trends of 2014. 
  • Google might be the most popular search engine in the world, but you don’t have to limit yourself to the big behemoth. Chuck Price offers 12 search engine alternatives on which to index your websites.
  • Get the rundown on what marketers think are some of the most important aspects of your customer service today! Frontleaf breaks down their #CustomerSuccessChat for us to gain knowledge from.
  • Dan Nedelko boils down the essential skills you need as a marketer in 2015 with an easy-to-digest content article. Really go through this, as they are becoming increasingly important.
  • Last year seemed to be another interesting year for web design. New site redesigns, resources, and experiments came about that really encapsulated the feel of 2015 design. Brian Krall gives his Year in Review of web design. 
  • Money talks, am I right? If you’re an affiliate marketer, choosing the right products is crucial to make proper sales. Learn more about affiliate marketing from these 28 experts, presented by John Gibb.
  • Ankit Jain explains the amount of control within a growth hacker’s sphere of influence when promoting products.

We hope you enjoyed the articles! Marketing is a much more complex game when you get past shotgunning social media updates and spamming content across the web.

But this is also what makes your online experience much more enjoyable for customers once you master the art of marketing, enabling you to build a strategy that fires on all cylinders.

Good luck to you this year, everyone!