Web design is one of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO. Where you put your page titles, how you create titles for those pages, and how those pages are laid out are all integral to how well your site is set up to receive visitors.

Although there are many cases where the quality of content can render this factor irrelevant, these situations tend to be outside the scope of beginners. In most cases, you want to have a well designed website with strong search-optimized characteristics.

Enter Wix.com. It’s a content storage site that enables you to feature your work on an attractive site for free. Now, you may be new to using Wix, and just in case, they have a terrific help center that can get you started quite easily.

Wix.com is an excellent alternative to content storage sites like WordPress and Joomla, so if you’re interested in giving the platform a try, we recommend it!

To help you use Wix.com, we’ve compiled some of top tips from the Wix writers for improving your Wix site, addressing visual style, SEO, and even traffic.

  1. Enhance Images with the Image Editor.

“Did you know that you can edit all of your website photos directly from the Wix editor? Our built-in image editor is a pleasure to use and has editing options for both beginners and advanced users.”

  1. Personalize Your Page Titles.

“Just like each chapter of your favorite book has a unique title, each page in your website also deserves a designated page name. Adding unique titles to each of your website pages not only makes your site look nice and organized, it also helps with your SEO.”

  1. Customized Google Titles for Your Pages.

“Your Google title, or Meta Title as it’s more formally known in the SEO world, is how your site will appear on search results. Because not every page on your web site holds the same information, it’s important to designate meta titles and short meta descriptions for all of the important pages on your site to help potential clients find the exact information that they’re looking for.”

  1. Choose Your Template Carefully.

When you use the WIx website editor to create your site, you cannot switch templates halfway through, without starting from scratch. Some builders, like Weebly, do allow for sudden changes but if you’ve selected Wix, spend time considering the right design for your business – think about color, layout, look & feel etc.

  1. Add Plugins or Widgets.

“By adding plugins and widgets you can give an extra dimension to your website. check out the Wix app market for useful third party plugins and widgets.”

  1. Emulate Your Favorites.

“Gather as many example websites as you can and create a design that implements those sites’ best features.” – unraveledmedia

  1. Keep Linking Consistent.

You know how site visitors recognize links by seeing that words are either underlined, or that their color changes when hovering over them with the mouse? Regardless of the effect you choose to make links recognizable, it’s important that you do it consistently throughout the entire site.

  1. Take Advantage of the Wix App Market.

“The Wix App Market has a ton of great SEO Apps that can set your SEO ranking on fire! Apps like Rabbit SEO & Site Search help track your keyword ranking and offer great tips to improve your SEO.”

  1. Stay Mobile-Friendly.

“To make sure you reach as many visitors as possible, you need to optimize your website to mobile viewing. Mobile is changing the rules of the web, and with Wix’s mobile optimization tool you can guarantee that you stay in the game.”

  1. Analyze Your Stats.

To improve your website’s performance you first need to understand some of the numbers behind it. Wix offers you easy integration of three friendly tracking tools:Google Analytics, GoSquared and Web-Stat.

Wix is simply a robust platform that can play a significant role in your website’s future. Once you’ve completed these tips here, go beyond them and focus on your content. Remember that even though, it’s important, optimizing your site can only take you so far. Providing quality content, giving readers what they want, is ultimately the key to maintaining a robust Wix site.

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