There’s a ton of noise in the SEO space, especially on Twitter. If you aren’t wading through mountains of spam accounts that mindlessly regurgitate the same articles from the same sources in an endless loop, you’re probably avoiding the endless onslaught of users trying to get their original content read. It’s a huge rat race, and if you’re just getting your feet wet, it can be downright intimidating. Luckily, we’re here to help, which is why we’ve put together this list of some of the best resources in the SEO sphere for you. These are 10 SEOs you should be listening to.



John Doherty @dohertyjf


I’ve been following John for a while, and I’ve always been fond of his razor sharp SEO skills as well as his acerbic wit. John has a resume a mile long, from his starting days at Distilled, to HotPads, and now Trulia Rentals as well as his own outfit HireGun. Whether you’re looking for some truly insightful SEO commentary, or something funny to break up the monotony of reading your 40th inbound marketing top 10 list of the day, John is your guy.


Brian_Dean_HeadshotBrian Dean @Backlinko


Backlinko is considered to be one of the best no-nonsense sources of SEO news and industry information around. Brian is uncharacteristically open and transparent with sharing his methods of success (as well as his failures), which has made Backlinko an endlessly valuable source of information in an ever-increasing Organic arms race. If you’re just starting out in SEO, this is a great place to start.


new-dan-shureDan Shure @dan_shure


Dan Shure is another great example of an SEO who knows how to have fun. His Twitter feed is a mix of insightful tips, quick fixes to common problems, and frank discussions on why early 2000s R&B is so darn good. Dan also runs Evolving SEO.



Matt Cutts @mattcutts


If you looked up SEO in a dictionary, you would probably see a picture of Matt Cutts. If there were an SEO Bible, there’s a good chance Matt Cutts would have written it. Matt is the head of Google’s webspam team, although he’s been on an open-ended sabbatical leave since July 2014. That being said, this man is an endless source of sage SEO advice.




Tad Chef @onreact_com


Don’t let the sombrero and incredibly thick mustache fool you, Tad Chef is a no-holds-barred SEO content writer that consistently creates insightful, high-quality content in the SEO and content marketing spheres. You aren’t going to find any top 5 lists here.


rae_hoffmanRae Hoffman @sugarrae


Rae is my favorite source of unfiltered commentary in the SEO world. Her Twitter timeline is sometimes profane, but never boring, and there’s no shortage of great advice on the latest changes in the industry. If you like your SEO with a side of sass, look no further. Rae is also the CEO of Pushfire.



mike_blumenthalMike Blumenthal @mblumenthal


Mike Blumenthal is one of the single best sources of information regarding Local Search in the industry today. I keep tuned to his Twitter feed to try and wrap my head around the constant changes in the local search space (and whatever Google’s calling their business/plus page/my business product this week). If you or your clients care about local search at all, I highly recommend taking a look at Mike’s feed every once in a while.


adam_sherkAdam Sherk @adamsherk


Sometimes, I’m looking for a no-nonsense, curated feed of high quality SEO articles and news content with no fluff. That’s where Adam Sherk comes in. As VP of SEO & Social at Define Media Group, he certainly knows the ups and downs of the search industry. You can tell he’s a busy guy because he doesn’t waste time by posting anything but useful information, and I admire that immensely.


cyrus_shepardCyrus Shepard @CyrusShepard


Cyrus is Director of Audience Development at Moz and a self-described ‘Content Astronaut’, which makes sense considering his content and insight into audience trends, behavior, and overall growth are out of this world. Cyrus recently tweeted “I never trust any “Top SEO” list that doesn’t include me. Also, I never trust any “Top SEO” list that does include me.” I’m not sure where that leaves us and this list, but whether you buy into the idea of ‘Top SEOs’ or not, Cyrus is a source of intelligence you would be a fool to ignore.


Melissa-FachMelissa Fach @seoaware


Melissa Fach has seen it all. From AuthorityLabs to her own site SEOAware, Melissa has had her hand in almost every aspect of SEO, inbound marketing, and local marketing under the sun. Her Twitter is filled to the brim with insights and observations, updates about PubCon, and the occasional Star Wars related tweet. Melissa is a jack-of-all-trades who seems to figured out the secret to becoming a master-of-all-trades. Follow her, you won’t regret it.



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