Welcome to the mobile era! You’ve been hearing quite a lot about that haven’t you? As a local or small business, you are most likely late to the party. Conversely, maybe you’re too early (you’ve already made a mobile site responsive design, but it’s not as optimized as it could be). Either way, you’re probably looking for examples of how your mobile site should look and function.

 To help you more easily decide on a mobile design layout, here are our top 10 picks for mobile designs!


Portent’s mobile design sports legible font with a clean layout, making its homepage a good top choice. It may not be all that fast in rendering, but it’s a sight to look at.



The simple navigation and large icons make Webfor’s page another great choice. Consider putting very visible icons onto your page for a more expressive, usable look and feel.


It comes as no surprise to us that Mobilized has its site in top form. Check its huge fonts and convenient drop down menu for speedy accessibility.



Dudamobile makes trying out its quick and easy. Enter your URL and tap the big call-to-action button to watch it work!



We like the classy setup of Picketdiner’s site. The summary gives restaurant owners some well-needed assurance while offering a quick demo to check out the software.



Spoonrocket emphasizes vibrant imagery and colors for its layout. Thanks to the imagery, there isn’t much to distract us from the daily deals!


Udemy jumps right into showing its wears (and does so with some fantastic statistics!). We especially like its signature green color scheme against the white. Always think about colors in your designs, everyone!



Zaarly’s big button and scenic background really stand out on a mobile device. Go all in with making your design interactive and immersive in order to draw in your customers.



Easily search for popular tracks with Songkick! We think the colors go well together, and while we’d appreciate a bigger button, it still does well as a homepage.


With its main purpose to get you in the app, Shopular’s site keeps the color and focus on the call-to-action. Simple sentences and mission statement cement the offering.

Do you know of any other mobile designs you like using or looking at? Share your suggestions through our comments section below!