If you don’t have a content strategy, you should get one. Quality content only gets more important as the world of inbound marketing changes. Search engines, customers, clients and even average web users simply searching for information online demand top-quality content. You know our goal is always to help you boost your inbound marketing efforts, so we’ve rounded up 25 of the leading experts in web content creation and content marketing. Of course, not all these gurus are solo operators, so you get the bonus benefit of their partners and fellow blog contributors who also offer up their inner content genius.

Listed in no particular order, these content gurus provide some of the best resources online to enhance your content strategy. Bookmark them, join their mailing lists, download their e-books and subscribe to their RSS feeds to stay on top of what some of the greatest minds in content marketing are dishing out daily.

We know there are dozens more, so we want to hear who your favorite content marketing experts are. Hit us up with a comment and tell us who you’d add to our list!

  1. Joe Pulizzi – Founder of the Content Marketing Institute (formerly Junta42), Pulizzi is one of the few thought leaders in the industry that still actively manages his own blog. You can find Joe’s regular posts on writing great content and content marketing at JoePulizzi.com.
  2. Brian Solis – A published author and leading content expert, Brian Solis shares his expertise at BrianSolis.com. His blog content is free, of course, but trust us–you’re going to want to buy his books after you’ve had a little taste of what Brian has to say.
  3. Ian Alexander – One of the chief bloggers behind The EAT Blog, Ian Alexander weighs in with more than the same old surface tutorials on creating good web content. Ian delves into the burning questions about content, such as whether to finalize your content before your web design and how much content do you really need? Bonus: Brian Hughes contributes regularly here as well, and his advice is just as valuable.  Check out Brian’s recent post, In Defense of Stupid Buzzwords, which happens to be a personal favorite of ours.
  4. Linda Dessau – Linda blogs at Content Mastery Guide, focusing primarily on advice and tutorials on creating top-quality blog content. If you want to ramp up the quality of your blog as a major component of your content strategy, Linda’s advice is worth a read.
  5. Philip Cohen – President/CEO of Care Media Holdings Corp. and its brands PetCARE TV, Women’s HealthCARE TV and KidCARE TV digital OOH networks, Cohen somehow finds time among all that to blog at Cohen on Content.
  6. David Meerman Scott – David is one of the best-known names in the industry. He blogs at WebInkNow, covering not just the basics but delving into an analysis of what’s really going on in the world and how content ties in.
  7. Mary Klest – Blogs at Content for Biz, Inc., sharing her years of experience as a corporate public relations director, journalist and marketer. Best part: Her business partner, Joanne Costin, contributes as well. Nothing’s better than two experts in one!
  8. Christina Pappas – Pappas serves up a delicious cocktail of all things content at The Content Cocktail. Her insights cover everything from the intersection between content and social to email marketing and general business.
  9. Lee Odden – Lee Odden is a recognizable name in the content marketing and digital marketing worlds. You can catch Lee’s latest thoughts on content and web marketing at the TopRank blog, along with solid information from his fellow contributors.
  10. Ryan Healy – Ryan blogs at RyanHealy.com, covering copywriting, content, product creation and business growth. If you’re looking for insights on using content as a business driving force, you should definitely check out Healy’s blog.
  11. Cas McCullough – The genius behind Content Marketing Cardiology, Cas combines thoughts on mainstream media with analysis and recommendations for bolstering Facebook and Twitter growth, all using the power of content.
  12. Stephanie Kapera – The New Business Director for Up All Night Creative, Stephanie Kapera leads the company’s blog covering lead generation, inbound marketing, the creative process and much more. Check out Up All Night Creative’s blog to absorb some of Stephanie’s rock-solid content advice.
  13. Michel Fortin – Fortin is a powerful copywriter, generously sharing his expertise with the world at MichelFortin.com. His blog is a must-read resource for copywriters and any business or individual who wants to use content as a marketing tool.
  14. James Chartrand – The genius behind Men with Pens, James Chartrand is actually a woman. She uses James Chartrand as a pen name.  James brings the same uniqueness and sensation to her writing, offering some of the best advice out there for copywriters and freelancers.
  15. Matthew McKenzie – Blogger behind the Content Connection blog, Matthew shares his expertise on B2B marketing, social tools such as Reddit, content marketing versus SEO—and those are just a few of his recent posts.
  16. Dianna Huff – Dianna specializes in helping B2B marketers generate more leads. How? With content, of course, among other things. Dianna’s MarCom Writer Blog not only covers tips on improving the quality of your content, but how to make it work with your other marketing initiatives and ultimately drive more leads.
  17. Anne Janzer – Anne covers all things content marketing at AnneJanzer.com, Content Marketing for Technology. Visit Anne’s blog to find the answers to your most pressing questions, such as is whether bigger is really better when it comes to content and if you should be gating your marketing content. You’ll also find valuable tips for freelancers here, most of which applies to anyone managing a blog or content strategy.
  18. Russ Henneberry – A freelance content marketing and analytics professional, Russ blogs at Content Measures. He’s also the content manager and editor of The Daily Egg. Clearly, Russ knows his stuff—not only does he serve up an exceptional example of quality content, but he tells you how to do it, too.
  19.  Amy Harrison – Amy’s a copywriter for entrepreneurs and coaches, but she provides plenty of free resources and advice for those who want to take their content strategy into their own hands. Her blog, Harrisonamy, is a goldmine for content marketers.
  20. Jeff Korhan – Author of Built-In Social:  Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business, Korhan emphasizes the customer experience. He talks video marketing, blogs, social media, Quora—you name it. Check out Jeff’s work at JeffKorhan.com.
  21. Angie Nikoleychuk – A Professional Copywriter, Content Consultant & Strategist, Angie shares her advice on copywriting, content marketing and social media at AngiesCopywriting.com. You may never be able to pronounce her last name, but you can glean countless expert tips from Angie’s copy genius by reading her blog.
  22. John Jantsch – We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Duct Tape Marketing. But do you know the man behind the concept? John Jantsch, who also wrote The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine, blogs at DuctTapeMarketing.com, where he shares his renowned marketing expertise. Sure, he’s not entirely focused on content—but check out his blog and you’ll see that content has a major role in his game plan. And of course, he shares his advice on doing it right.
  23. David Garfinkel – David Garfinkel has more than 20 years’ experience helping corporations refine their marketing strategy and learn to produce great copy. The World Copywriting Blog is David’s outlet for sharing his inner-most secrets and strategies with the world.
  24. Mary Jaksch – Chief Editor of Write to Done since July 2008, Mary shares her advice on creating powerful content that turns leads to sales, visitors to conversions and how to become a better writer by going deeper into yourself.
  25. Karon Thackston – Karon Thackston is a copywriting mastermind who shares her advice on creating more powerful PPC advertising copy to drive clicks and conversions, writing for SEO, article marketing and so much more. Check out Karon’s expert insights at Marketing Words.