In the past, dentists relied on word of mouth and community reputation to build their practice and their business. Times have changed, and those in the dental industry are ready to adapt and build a new image through digital marketing.

By 2021, the total revenue for the dental industry is projected to reach $36.8 billion. We have a pretty good feeling that the shift towards digital marketing is going to be a driving force behind the surge of revenue for the industry.

But, you deal with teeth, not marketing statistics. What if you’re feeling a little unsure about how to market your dental business for the future? No worries, we got you covered, and it all starts with getting a head start on the dental marketing trends we expect to see in 2018.

Ready? Here’s your starting point.

Craft Smart Content that Offers Value

One of the most interesting ways that the digital world has changed the dental industry is in what people value and look for in choosing a dentist. It used to be that being respected as an authority in the industry or your community was enough. Not so much anymore.

When you are marketing your dental business, you need to appeal to a new mindset, one that is more interested in what value you can add to their life rather than discussing your 20 years of experience.

In 2018, we see the dental industry taking a strong turn in providing value-based content. This is content that is focused on the visitor or customer, rather than on your dental business. Take, for example, the site pictured below. This dental business has provided valuable information to their clients on the landing page of their site. Not only are they providing valuable content, they are making it the focus of their page.

This type of content is going to get a much higher response than text that only highlights your experience helping TMJ clients.

What are your clients’ needs and what questions do they have? In 2018, these are the two questions that will be driving marketing content creation.


Location Based Marketing

Do you know that about 12 percent of people in the U.S. move to a new location every year? Why is this important for marketing your dental business? Because with each person or family that moves to a new community comes the need to find a new dental provider.

After all, who searches for an out of town dentist unless they are on vacation and have an emergency?


The increase in mobile usage means that more marketing strategies are optimizing local marketing strategies. You want to make sure that your dental business is placed in front of local customers right when they need you. If you aren’t taking steps to build a local search strategy, you might as well be handing over your clients to the practice down the street.

So how do you stay accessible and relevant to the local market in 2018? By optimizing your local SEO.

In the coming year, dental business can get better results from their marketing by:

  • Making sure they have accurate listings across multiple online directories
  • Providing incentives for clients to leave positive reviews on prominent review locations like social media, Google and Yelp
  • Utilizing local keywords in your SEO strategy
  • Reach out to local social influencers to do some of the marketing work for you


Optimize for Mobile

If you only do one thing this year to make your marketing campaign more successful, it’s optimizing your site for the mobile user. Mobile optimization is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

More of your clients, and the people you want as your clients, are using mobile devices to perform searches that will lead them to your business. This means that your site, and your SEO need to be optimized to reach them.

How is mobile site design and SEO different from what you are already doing? Here are just a few ways.

  • The mobile user has less screen space. Boxes of lengthy text that they need to scroll through are a turn off that will cause the viewer to back out before they even get started.
  • The mobile user has their phone in their hand. This means that if they like what they see on your page, they can call you instantly. A site designed so that the user only needs to press one, easily accessible, icon to connect to you is one that is going to be inviting to potential clients.
  • Mobile users love video. This means that a site or social media page that features relevant, engaging video content is going to get more views than sites with text and image alone.
  • Mobile users are local. Mobile users are more likely to land at your door within a shorter amount of time than a desk top user. Optimizing your site to make contact easier is key. Do you offer same day appointments? Great. Make it so a mobile user can easily schedule one from your landing page.
  • Mobile users search differently. They use voice search and local keywords. Optimizing your SEO strategy to accommodate these differences will have a positive effect on the success of your marketing campaign.


Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Finally, your market wants one more thing from you. They want you to be more human, more compassionate, and more empathetic. Are we talking about making dental procedures less scary or creating a homey, relaxing vibe?

Nope. We’re talking about action. If you want a larger audience to take notice of your dental business, you need to show that you are invested in the community and the world around you. Clients want to give their money to businesses that have a conscience. A top strategy in 2018 is going to be highlighting your community involvement.

Make a point of participating in community events, visiting schools, and offering free service events for those who are underprivileged or underinsured. You might also highlight a commitment to a health based or local charity. Get out of your office and get connected to the community. Your clients want this from you.


Are you ready to build your dental business in 2018? A new marketing strategy will help. Connect with one of the top dental marketing agencies in the industry today!

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Leilani is an established digital marketing professional, fine art and editorial photographer, and journalist. She has over 10 years of experience writing, editing, and publishing content for the web.