Mobile technology is sweeping the nation. To keep up with the rest of the business world, you need to have a website that mobile compatible. One of the great things about an exploding industry is that really, really smart (and entrepreneurial) people get involved. They figure out how to make it easy for us to do complicated things.

There are many ways to create mobile sites, from custom-designed to simple off-the-shelf solutions. We want you to be up and running as fast as you can (subscribe to the free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter for other time-saving mobile tips). The clock starts now…

Start by…

First look at how your web site appears on a variety of smartphones. What about maps and navigation. Hard to find your business? Does the content read okay in a single column with short headlines? How about your competitors? If everyone in your house has the same phone, it’s worth borrowing a friend’s phone to see how it displays on other devices. Note what you like and don’t like.

Minutes 1 -3: Determine what mobile solution meets your needs.

We’ve listed three leading website mobile converters. They all have slightly different features but have the common benefit, they make it incredibly easy to create a mobile site.

bMobilized — A quick and basic website conversion. Easy peasy! There’s no annual contract and you can cancel anytime. Cost is $9/month. They will mobilize your site for you for a one-time fee of $199. Super-affordable with a 7-day free trial so you can check it out.

Duda Mobile — You may have heard of Duda Mobile when Google partnered with them last year. Duda is incredibly easy with a series of templates to choose from. You’ll definitely want the business version at $9/month (the individual version with 10 pages is free) which comes with your own mobile domain — They also offer a ‘Hire a Pro’ version which they will build for the fee of $499 for the first year and $86.40/year after.

Mobify — This is a slightly more sophisticated solution, it’s recommended by many if you are running an e-commerce business. The basic plan is free but has limited features. For the business rices run at $995/month but that gives you ad integration, cloud storage and more. If you hope to sell products from your mobile site, this is probably the way to go.

WP Touch — WordPress PlugIn 

If you have a WordPress site, download the  plugin. This automatically makes your website mobile ready.  You can customize and modify the mobile application without changing your regular website theme. Be sure you have WordPress 3.1 or higher.

Minute 4: Sign up for your service or download the app.

Minute 5: Bask in the glory of your new mobile site!

Now that you have your site ready, spend the next 30 minutes customizing it and having some fun. Be sure to post your news to your website telling your customers that your mobile site is ready to go. Now that wasn’t hard, was it?