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For beginners, blog posts were a hot topic this week, but we also found an interesting post on Facebook’s new features and another on using QR codes. Intermediate DIY readers can learn about identifying and serving different types of social media users and start your holiday marketing. Advanced users can learn about retargeting and site search optimization.

And make sure you check out the news section of this week’s post. There is some important information from Google, as well as a wealth of information on content optimization, along with announcements from the big networks.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Beginner SEO and Marketing

Where to Get Blog Post Ideas — Writer’s block can be a huge, costly pain for businesses and it can be a tough one to break. So, if you need some ideas, Internet Marketing for Free has an interesting list of ideas. Then, check out 7 Steps to Writing a Great Blog Post by Lisa Barone.

Facebook Wants to Give You Stuff! Will You Let Them? — Vertical Response took an in-depth look at Facebook’s new Offers and Gifts features. Have you used them? Do you think they would help your business?

5 Ways to Use QR Code on Your Business Brochures — QR codes can be kind of fun and interesting, but what can you really do with them in a practical sense? Small Biz Bee has a few ideas. Have you seen QR codes used in fun and interesting ways lately?

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

4 Tips to Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Marketing — Studies show consumers are doing their holiday shopping earlier and earlier each year. Are you ready for it? If you haven’t already gotten a start on your holiday marketing campaigns, Vertical Response has a guide for getting you started. (Don’t worry. They’re easy ones.)

5 Social Media User Types and Tips from Marketers to Connect With Each One — Building successful social relationships depends solely on the types of connections you make and how strong you make them. To do that, you need to identify the types of people you’re communicating with and what their needs are. Sound difficult? Maybe, but Top Rank’s Ashley Zeckman published a post this week that makes it easy.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

Remarketing 101: The Basics You Should Know — Remarketing can be a highly effective form of advertising and a great addition to any PPC campaign. Why? You’ll have to read this post from Vertical Response to find out. You might also want to have a look at their post and infographic on the display advertising landscape.

People Who Search Convert — You’ve likely spent hours optimizing the various on-page elements for your site, but have you optimized your search function? Likely not, but it is definitely worth spending some time on. Have a look at this guest post from Duct Tape Marketing.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

Clever Content Marketing — An Infotaining Infographic Novel –If you enjoy hearing about unique and creative ad campaigns, take a look at the interesting strategy Lee Odden found and analyzed this week. They also published a huge list of content marketing statistics.

Google Says Single Tweak Won’t Increase Website Rankings — If you think a single change will increase your Google rankings, John Mueller says think again. If you do anything with SEO, you’ll want to read this article.

Some Users Can Now Opt-In to See Facebook Page Posts — EdgeRank is disappearing, but don’t worry. Users can now opt-in if they want to see your page’s posts. V3 had the details this week. They’re also testing free Wi-Fi for business check-ins.

Instagram Unveils Web Profiles — Instagram has gotten a little more social. What do you think of the site’s new profiles?

Improved Bing Ads Reporting Tool Launched — Bing Ads are now even easier to use. Do you like the simplification and tweaks?

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