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With just a few weeks left before the kids go back to school and things return to normal, everyone’s busy fitting in last-minute holidays, back-to-school shopping, and a ton of yard work. And since we can’t really help you with that, let us help by keeping you up-to-date on the latest and greatest posts from around the Web.

Social media marketing was a huge topic this week, but that wasn’t the only thing being talked about. Beginner SEOs and marketers can learn how to do a quick audit on their site, build a total online presence, and discover how to merge their Google+ Local and Business Pages together.

Intermediate marketing readers get some great tips for making conversions through sales pitches and content, as well as get a few tips about content marketing. Advanced marketers can daydream about their marketing, get some inspiration for their online campaigns, and learn the value of letting email subscribers unsubscribe or change their preferences.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Beginner SEO and Marketing

9 Simple Steps to an On-Page SEO Site Audit — Want to do a quick SEO audit on your new site to make sure you’ve covered all the basics, but can’t afford a consultant? Try this post from iNeedHits.

How to Merge Your Google+ Local and Business Pages — You’ve got a Google+ Local page and a Business Page on Google that’s soon to be replaced. Do you spend hours recreating the page? Not with these helpful instructions from Lisa Barone.

7 Essential Stages of Building an Online Presence — If you’re just getting started online, it can be easy to think that a website is good enough. The truth is that your competition will bury you if you don’t create a well-rounded online presence. Check out this interesting guide filled with tips, tools, and information on each of the seven main steps.

How Much Does Social Media Cost? — One of the big reasons so many businesses flock to social media is because they can reach a large audience, with essentially no money needed. Or so it seems at first. Want to know what it really costs? Visit Rebar Business Builders. They’ve calculated all the costs for you. And don’t forget about the downsides and concerns associated with social media marketing either.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps for Using Contests and Sweepstakes to Promote Your Brand — We’ve all seen them — those “tweet to win an iPad” contests or some variation thereof. Contests have worked for years to generate leads and create a fresh stream of new customers, but it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, businesses fail to set up their contests to succeed. Not sure what we mean? Check out this post from Daniel Burstein. You might also enjoy Creating Social Media Strategies That Drive Business Results from Rebar or this post on social media KPIs from Geisheker.

7 Ways to Educate Your Way Into Making the Sale — We don’t usually cover one-on-one sales tactics in our roundup, but this week, we’re making an exception. Not only are these techniques brilliant when trying to turn a lead into a customer, but the tips are also extremely effective when included in your sales copy or website content.

5 Tips for Marketing Content to Online Marketers — With so many soldiers in the trenches, and so much “ammunition” going online every second, content generation has become a tough war. And when you’re marketing to other marketers, reaching the target becomes even more difficult. Mike Yanke has a few tips that just might give you the upper hand, however.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

How Decades-Old Corporations Are Catching Up to the Digital Age — Change and adopting new habits is always difficult. It’s particularly difficult when your entire business and way of thinking has been designed to think one way and must now adapt to a whole host of new mediums and techniques. If you’re finding it a little tough to get into the “now” and need a little inspiration. Check out this post from Vertical Response. You might also want to read about what Whole Foods is doing.

Create an Online Marketing Bucket List — We spend countless hours thinking about how we’d spend a huge lottery win, but how much time do you spend dreaming about how to spend an unlimited marketing budget? This is a great idea from Ashley Zeckman.

Facebook’s Promoted Posts | How Do They Work and When Should You Use Them? — If you’re looking to take your social media marketing to the next level, it might be a good time to consider Facebook’s promoted posts. This short piece from Flyte blog has done a great job of covering the basics. A few others to check out include How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Advertising from Small Business Trends and How to Jump Content From Your Facebook Page to Your Profile from Vertical Response. Still want more? How about promoted tweets and accounts.

The Upside of Opt-Outs: Redefining Your Email List With a Preference Center, Opt-Downs and Unsubscribes — These words likely strike fear into the hearts of most businesses making use of email marketing, but they shouldn’t. Stonie Clark explains why these can actually be a good thing for your business and how you can use them to your advantage.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

Microsoft Office Adds LinkedIn Integration — News coming out of Microsoft this week shows that the link between desktops and the virtual world is disappearing faster than you think. In it’s latest announcement, one of the company’s biggest pieces of software is going to get a whole lot more social, and LinkedIn could potentially see some substantial growth. What do you think about this latest move? Are LinkedIn’s recent security issues going to hamper this?

Most Marketers Do Not Use Website Analytics Data to Make Decisions — A recent study bay Econsultancy and Lynchpin found that a large portion of businesses aren’t making use of the data gathered through analytics. Are you? If the answer is no… Bad marketer! Bad! Fix that! Your business will thank you. On the bright side, 800% more data was collected than in previous years.

Facebook Releases New Post-Targeting Tool — If you’ve used custom content delivery on your website or in your email marketing, you likely already know about the benefits that come from using the technic. Now, you can do the same on your Facebook Page. Facebook also became a bigger part of the search world this week with Bing’s Social Sidebar and the addition of friend tagging in the SERPs.

Google Structured Data Dashboard Introduced to Webmaster Tools — Your Webmaster Tools dashboard will be looking a little different and help you learn more about your website, but that wasn’t the only announcement made by Google this week. (Isn’t there always?)

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