Google, the undisputed search engine king, is famous for rolling out updates with cute names that really shake things up for businesses. It’s latest major update involves a framework called Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP. AMP is designed to benefit both businesses and those people who visit their pages using a mobile device.

What is AMP and How Can it Help You?

AMP provides your business with access to technical components that are open sourced. These can improve both the speed of your site and its user friendliness. One of the best things about AMP is that it retains your featured content, unchanged and in its present form. For example, if you are currently monetizing your website, AMP allows you to continue to do so.

Using AMP immediately gives your site a boost in SEO because it is placed on the highly-visible Google News carousel. Your page will also load faster which means that visitors are likely to stick around longer. Retaining your visitors and reducing your bounce rate are other benefits of using AMP.

Testing for AMP Compliance

So you’re convinced that your website and content can benefit from AMP. What you aren’t sure about, though, is how you’ll know that your website is compliant, Fortunately, Google has you covered. On October 13, 2016, the search engine giant announced an additional — and long-awaited feature — within its search console: the AMP testing tool.

Putting the AMP Testing Tool to Task

Google makes it simple to test whether a particular URL is compliant. Simply go to the AMP portion on the search console and enter your page. From there, the Googlebot will analyze the validity of your page. It looks at both the structured data located on that page as well as the AMP markup. You can also pull up the browser on your smartphone and use the AMP tool from there.

The AMP tool points out any errors that might be on your page. It pinpoints the code that is causing a particular page to be out of compliance. A handy share button lets you easily send off a link to your developer.

If the AMP tool determines that your page is valid, it will generate a live preview link that demonstrates the way the page could look when it shows up in the search results.

WordPress and AMP

A business that uses WordPress to host its website can use the AMP plugin. Installing the AMP plugin provides the ability for your web pages to be accelerated when viewed using a mobile device. You can also easily monetize your website’s AMP pages by using the AMP Toolbox plugin.

Google’s AMP is a must-have for your small or medium business. It offers the features that your audience want the most — fast loading, relevant content and easy accessibility to the information they’re looking for. AMP also allows you to gain valuable SEO exposure and continue to monetize your site.

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