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Most SEO specialists understand the incredible value that blogs bring to websites. They know that adding a blog guarantees endless opportunities to provide fresh content featuring those all-important key terms. Yet, it’s bad practice to use blogs as nothing more than keyword vessels. It’s also a terrible waste of site real estate. Instead, blogs should contain informative, well-written content that engages visitors and delivers a positive and impactful message about the brand you’re representing.

Sure, it’s a tall order. But when a blog works, it is a powerful marketing tool – as well as a crucial instrument for SEO. And a great way to write great blogs that keep site visitors coming back for more is to follow the “brand story” model. If you’re unfamiliar with brand story marketing, here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

  • The customer is the hero of the story.
  • This hero has a specific goal in mind and a “villain” or negative outcome to avoid.
  • The brand/company acts as the guide that helps the customer meet their goal with a product or service – and avoid a negative outcome by defeating the villain.

Simply put, a brand story works like any other story – like the fairytales you read as a kid or the plots of popular movies that follow a very deliberate formula. For example, companies that offer cleaning services or supplies should emphasis the fact that they can help consumers meet the following goals:

  • Creating a cleaner, healthier home, office, or work space.
  • Saving time with efficient products or convenient services.
  • Gaining a sense of satisfaction by crossing more items off their to-do lists.

Customers who take advantage of these goods and services will also avoid the following:

  • Potentially harmful dirt and bacteria in the spaces where they live and work.
  • Wasting time with ineffective products or tedious tasks.
  • Guilt over putting off necessary chores because they are unpleasant or time-consuming.

Companies in the cleaning industry can easily benefit from the brand story model because they address common concerns shared by most consumers. And most industries will find similar success with this strategy.

Casting the Characters in Your Brand Story Blog

Just remember that the customer is ALWAYS the hero of your brand story. By casting your reader in the role of hero, you can engage their attention and immediately speak to their needs. And visualizing your “hero” will help you identify your target audience. For example, if you’re promoting vacuum cleaners, your hero is anyone with dirty floors. Or, if you’re representing an IT company, you’re telling a story to and about heroes with computer issues.

Business owners in the auto industry can tell great stories about consumers who need reliable transportation – a way to get to work, school, or any of their daily destinations. Likewise, heating and cooling professionals should base their stories on the need for comfort in home and business environments. Or, individuals in the clothing industry can speak directly to a consumer’s need to feel confident in any situation by always having access to the right attire.

Molding Your Brand Story Concept to Suit Specific Topics

Once you’ve grasped your basic brand story formula, you can tailor it to fit any topic you have in mind – and virtually any industry

Feel free to get creative with your brand story but stick to the basic formula. Pull your reader in by making your story relatable and interesting, and that casual reader may become your brand’s next loyal customer.

Amy Fortune
Amy Fortune
Content Writer and SEO Strategist at

Amy Fortune is a content writer and SEO strategist at RCC Web Media who came to Michigan from North Carolina with an English degree and big marketing ambitions. She loves to write and find new and creative ways to bring brand messages to the world. Amy is passionate about helping clients succeed, Marvel movies, and Thai food.