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MapQuest is a large-scale and local directory that businesses can use to list themselves and improve their site’s local rank. As a geographically targeted directory, MapQuest’s local listings help to increase a business’s overall SEO authority and value. 

Although many people think of Google Maps as the headliner mapping tool, MapQuest is still widely used; more than 27 million people a month are using it to find businesses and pathways. Claiming your business information on local directories like MapQuest helps to increase a business’s prominence and local visibility in search engines.

In addition, a presence on MapQuest elevates your backlinks count and overall relevancy on the web and mobile. Mapping tools are key when it comes to local searches on the go, and mobile is increasingly becoming a larger part of this experience. Ensuring your website is represented across all local directories and platforms, which searchers can use to find and compare similarly located businesses, will help you get ahead of competitors.

MapQuest has recently partnered with Yext to offer enhanced paid listing for their users. If you are creating a new listing on MapQuest, it requires a $150 payment. These upgraded listings offer distribution to networks, enhanced content, and special offers to get you ahead of competitors. We’ve carefully reviewed MapQuest’s updated process and assembled an easy-to-use guide to creating a local citation. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to claim your company’s MapQuest listing in no time at all!

Process to Claim a Business Listing:

If You Already Own a Listing

1. Click here if you already have a MapQuest listing and want to update it. You will need to sign into your account to begin.

2. Owners can search for their business listing and then claim, customize, and update the new listing at any time. Your previous location will be shown, and you will be offered  the option to “Claim” the location.

3. You can also choose to upgrade to a Premium Listing.  If the location is incorrect, click on “Update Location Map Marker” to submit a request to move it.

If You Want to Create a New Listing

1. Click here to begin claiming your new MapQuest listing.  You will need to create a MapQuest account to begin. You can also call 1-888-921-8247 or email with any questions.

2. You will be asked to fill in your basic listing information. This data will confirm if your business already exists in the MapQuest database.You may be asked to confirm the address format. Check to make sure it looks correct before hitting the Yes icon.

3. If your business location is found, you can Claim it. If MapQuest cannot find the business, click the “Add a Business” icon.

4. Be sure to fill in the required business details as you go through the completion process. You will be asked to enter a Business Name, Categories, Address, Phone Number and Website. Take time to select the best Categories that fit the business. Although this particular task may take the most time, it carries significant weight because Categories set keywords for user searches.

5. Users can add more details such as Reservation URL, Business Description, Hours, Payment Methods, Location Tips, and Parking Tips. We find it very useful how you can add Photos and YouTube Videos, which helps the page stand out from local competitors. In addition to the essential information in step eight above, we highly recommend including a Business Description and Photos from this list.

6. After completing all the necessary content, carefully review the material before clicking “Next Step.” This rule applies to MapQuest and all local search platforms that list your business: Make sure the business information is correct and standardized across all your local directory listings. Ensure all data is consistent.

7. View the Verification Page, and read through the options carefully to make your selection. If you select the credit card authorization process, a temporary hold will be placed on the card, and it will not be charged.

8. On the next page, you will see a message stating, “Your listing setup is complete” after verifying the page.
Click See Your Listing to view the currently displayed information. The details go live within a few minutes of making the updates, which is a great feature. If you don’t like how the citation looks, you’re able to adjust it very easily!

Extra Tips to Complete the Steps for a MapQuest Listing:

  • It is important that you complete the profile information about your business to the greatest extent possible.
  • Be sure to provide a link to your local website and any locations you may have.
  • It’s essential to make sure ALL your local information is consistent. Creating a 100% accurate and consistent representation of your business is essential to earning powerful rankings for your website. In particular, business name, address, domain, email, and phone number should be checked to make sure they are using the same across all directories you’re listed. When Google notices this information is listed incorrectly across various resources, this decreases the relevancy of your business. For example, your phone number may be listed with an “847” area code on Yelp rather than a “312” area code on CitySearch). Unfortunately, search engines are likely to list your business lower in the search results if they find varying information.
  • If your website is already listed in MapQuest, don’t just ignore it and move onto the next listing. Be sure to scan the listing for any inaccuracies or outdated text. If and when you notice an incorrect piece of information, take a few seconds to update it.
  • Read the directions carefully on each page to complete your submission.  Although claiming your listing is free, we wouldn’t want you to accidentally sign up for a Premium placement and find out much later.

Other Marketing Strategies While Browsing MapQuest:

  • MapQuest delivers Premium Listings. With a user-friendly dashboard, businesses can enhance their visibility with featured listings, convenient distribution, easy reporting and quick set-up.  Businesses can be claimed and managed on a number of other quality local directories, such as, HopStop, MerchantCircle, WhitePages, Yelp, and many more. Although it is definitely not needed to participate in, business owners can upgrade their free listings at any time by hitting the Upgrade Listing icon after the MapQuest profile is set up. If you would like to include additional locations to your listing, click to learn how here.
  • MapQuest offers a variety of Enterprise Mapping Solutions for computers or mobile. For example, local information should always be visible on your website.  A map will aid users to find the business location, and search engines will identify the business as local. If you’re interested in embedding a custom map on your company site, MapQuest offers a map widget  that makes it quite easy! Anyone can add mapping or geocoding; it’s aimed at individuals who don’t need to know how to code or design fancy graphics.
  • Mobile search is important, especially when you’re on the go. Mobile is an area that MapQuest is excelling in, and we’re looking forward to how local search will be promoted on the new MapQuest mobile app in the coming months.

UpCity members, follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Expand Your Presence II > Local 201: Additional Local Directories.

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