Social media can be a great way to expand your company’s marketing reach and connect with people to boost your business. Is it, however, all that great as an SEO strategy? Will focusing on social media really help you dominate rankings? Let’s take a look.

Being a Leader (While Gaining Followers)

Search engines like Google use innumerable factors when ranking pages and search results. One of those factors is your online “street cred,” or authority. Authority and SEO usually come together when we’re talking about backlinks–as in, one backlink from a site with high authority signals are better than a dozen from sites with low authority. However, Google also uses the number of quality followers you have on social media when considering your website’s ranking, too.

Speaking of Backlinks

If you want to get backlinks to your website, step one is getting your content in front of people. After all, we can’t link to what we have never seen. When you use social media as a broadcast channel for original and useful content on your website, you are getting that material in front of a large audience and therefore increasing your potential for receiving backlinks.

Local SEO Boost

Optimizing for local search results often requires a slightly different strategy to incorporate location-specific signals to search engines. Social media provides the best way to dig in and get involved with the local community, and to include updates, photos, and other content with location indicators on both your social feeds and your website. Plus, making connections online with other local businesses provides you with the opportunity to boost and promote each other’s social activity making your position in the community more visible and stable.

Changing Search Behavior

Social media has other indirect impacts, too. For example, using social media to get your business in front of more people is likely to result in more branded searches–or search terms that include your company’s name–and that’s a shortcut to getting your pages to the top of the SERPs. Increasing branded searches also changes what search engines deliver for suggested searches, related searches, and possibly even unbranded searches.

Social Media Works

Long story short: social media is not only an effective way to increase your rankings with search engines, but also an essential component in your SEO toolbox. By providing useful, relevant, and interesting information on social channels and organically building an audience of interested and inspired followers, you can get more backlinks, better backlinks, more authority for your own website, and boost local search results–all while influencing the way Google handles search activity beyond the SERPs.

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Jordan is the Manager of SEO & Social Media at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing compelling copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.