2014 is finally here! On that note, it is time to get to work on building our businesses. If you were not as productive as you wanted last year, there are probably several reasons. Perhaps your work accumulated beyond control, or some matters took priority over others that required more focus. Today, you have the power to change all of that with the help of some swanky new apps!

We know these platforms are not composed of a magic pill that save you from the choices you make in everyday life. Nonetheless, they encourage better choices and save you time, so you don’t regret putting another important project on the backburner yet another year. Instead of retaining old habits in 2014, we want to create new and successful goals that will save time and help businesses succeed this year!

Ready to boost your productivity for the entire year? Check out these 25 excellent apps that we guarantee will save up to five minutes of your day:

1. 1Password – If you are like most people, creating strong passwords is more of a chore than a security measure. 1Password builds the code generation for you, as well as saves everything in one place for all of your logins.

2. Action Launcher – Action Launcher is an Android app that organizes everything on your smartphone for super fast browsing. Access each meticulously placed application on your home screen via one quick swipe.

3. Alfred – If you are looking for a virtual personal assistant limited by the actions on your computer, you found it with Alfred! This quick app opens any document or program on your computer with one or two keystrokes.

4. Any.do – This tool is the task and to-do list of the 21st century. Any.do is the suite of productivity apps, which helps you memo, prioritize, organize, and auto-type your way to efficiency.

5. Clockwork Tomato – It is time to take your productivity by the horns! Clockwork Tomato is a timer app that breaks down your work activity into 25-minute intervals separated by short breaks.

6. CloudOn – Stay connected to all of your important online cloud documents and storage with CloudOn. Whether you are in an office or traveling on the road, CloudOn combines the ease of using a mobile device and the cooperation of sharing data with your team.

7. Cobook – Address book contacts are meant to be kept in line! Cobook matches up address book information, social profiles, and more in an all-in-one identity information application.

8. EasilyDo – Find all of your appointments, events, and meetings, integrated right into your phone with EasilyDo. Join conference calls with one tap, keep boarding passes on hand, and procure a new smart assistant instantly!

9. Fluid – Everyone loves to access their favorite webpages their Mac dock. Fluid gives you the power to turn pages into easy-access icons.

10. Found – We discovered the perfect explorer app for you. Found offers up a lightening fast search function for Mac users that makes finding documents and apps easy to use, even across DropBox.

11. Google Keep – Take a quick snapshot, jot down a note, or set a fast reminder,  all with the power of Google Keep. This Chrome extension color-codes your lists and notes, and the app is available offline.

12. IFTTT – Put your applications to work for you with this nifty application! Use IFTTT to set up “if-then” statements: if you post a photo on Facebook, then save it to Dropbox. Use this pattern with various applicationss for maximum efficiency!

13. LastPass – Are you tired of trying to remember every passcode to your 100 favorite sites? LastPass will be the last password you need to memorize in this nifty app.

14. Mailbox – Most businesses would love to review their mail faster on a daily basis. Mailbox makes it easy to focus on the important items and clip the irrelevant with the touch of your mobile or tablet device.

15. OnLive Desktop – You may have heard of OnLive for playing video games on your PC, but OnliveLive Desktop allows you to access your PC from your tablet or anywhere you want! Coming soon to Mac OS X and a television near you.

16. Pocket – Running in circles trying to keep your favorite websites on a leash? Pocket keeps all your websites cozy and nice in an app that archives everything with a click of a button.

17. Quip – Looks are everything with Quip. Process your documents from the convenience of any device, and they are rendered in a beautiful interface.

18. Rapportive – Finding emails has never been easier with Rapportive. Whether you want to get in contact with a superior of another company or just market your wares, Rapportive will match up your email queries with online identities.

19. Readability – Read comfortably anytime and anywhere with this beautiful tool. Readability turns a webpage into a clean and clear page. You can quickly navigate and save pages on your computer or smartphone.

20. Simplenote – Want to make taking notes fast and easy? Download Simplenote to keep yourself organized and use it from anywhere In addition, you can keep your lists backed up to not forget a single accomplished task!

21. Skitch – As a robust screen capture tool, Evernote’s Skitch provides features that allow you to annotate in a pinch! Use it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

22. Todoist – This app is the ultimate productivity software and task manager for your browser. Take care of to-do items and organize your goals through a beautiful HTML5 user interface.

23. Unroll me – Get your inbox clutter-free in minutes. This application allows you to instantly unsubscribe from any/all of your email subscriptions.

24. Weebly – When you are in a hurry to create a slick website, look no further than Weebly. Use the Weebly app to rack up a high quality site, and take advantage of the e-commerce tools and unique themes at your disposal.

25. Wunderlist – Collaborate on tasks and share lists using Wunderlist. Get anything done with cloud-syncing, multi-device connection, and calendar notifications, due dates, and reminders.

How are you preparing for the rest of 2014, in terms of productivity? Do you have any apps in mind that we have not mentioned here, and save you a lot of time? Let us know in the comments section below. Here’s to the rest of 2014!