I’m very excited to announce another big product release today at UpCity. Many agencies and marketing services providers have been telling us how they’d love to white label the UpCity application but weren’t quite ready for everything our Enterprise plan has to offer. As of today, we now provide this feature for less than half the cost via our ProPlus package and allow agencies the ability to administer this process within minutes. I’ll provide a little background on the new feature and more importantly, how our agency partners can benefit from this significant release.

Activating White Label for Your Account

For UpCity’s ProPlus customers, you can go to the Manage Branding area of the software to start the process.


Within Manage Branding, you can add a logo, name the product and change the color to match your branding. We also provide a number of methods to support your customers while they are in your branded software including email notifications or via integrations with Intercom and Helpscout. As you can see below, after making these quick changes you now have a branded piece of software in less than a minute!

Screenshot 2016-05-26 14.48.13

Other key elements of the branding experience include being able to setup a custom domain and customizing email. These can also be done on a self-serve basis in the Manage Branding section of your account.

How Can this Benefit Your Agency?

Offering a branded version of the UpCity platform means you can present our platform as your own product and differentiate yourself from all the other marketing services businesses out there. Given the tasks in the system and robust reporting, your agency can sell the platform as a major value-add to your customers via a number of the following engagement models.

Do-It-Yourself – UpCity has a long history with the DIY model as our tasks and reporting provide a great way to start a relationship with a small business, start educating them on how SEO and inbound work and earning their trust. You can encourage customers to continue down the DIY route or offer them more services.

Do-It-Together – This is a slight variation from DIY since DIY can feel overwhelming to the average SMB at times. As part of the education process, doing some of the work on your customer’s behalf can alleviate some of the SMB’s stress while continuing the build the relationship. Our task and workflow process is perfect when sharing the work with your customers.

Do-It-For-Me – In many cases small businesses need a full-service solution. In this instance, you can leverage a white-labeled version of the UpCity platform as a reporting dashboard providing insights on the work completed and the progress made to-date.

The Quantifiable Impact

Given the different engagement models you can leverage above, we have seen a white labeled version of UpCity impacts your business in a number of ways.  First, we have seen it have a significant impact on your sales efforts as you can increase the number of leads and potentially close those leads on full service engagements. We also have seen that given the ongoing insights and engagement tools our white-labeled platform can provide higher retention rates with your small business customers.

What’s Next?

For a live walkthrough of our white label features, check out this video from our White Label webinar, which shows you how to brand your instance of the UpCity platform in just a few minutes.