The UpCity development team has been hard at work over the past month on some exciting new functionality within the UpCity platform, and today we wanted to highlight a number of important new features that have been heavily requested by our customers.

Customized User Roles

Earlier this year we rolled out Advanced Team Management, which allowed our customers to invite other Account Users (such as a colleague in your agency) as well as Campaign Users which in many cases are agency clients. Upon the rollout of these roles, we found that many clients wanted more customization to assign certain rights to certain types of users…and now you can do that via our customized or “Let Me Choose” permissions!

The new “Let Me Choose” options for Account Users can be found below:

Screenshot 2016-07-18 17.19.39

For Account Users you can now remove Manage Billing or other functions you may want to reserve as an Account Owner. You could also invite Sales Reps into your account and only give them access to Sales Tools.

For Campaign Users, you now have the ability to hide many components to a campaign such as Tasks, Social, etc. Some of our clients are interested in just leveraging the Reports area to work as a dashboard for clients and can easily do this by deselecting everything below except for Reports.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 17.25.14

With these new customizations, Account Owners can configure user access however they see fit, whether you’re inviting a client, a colleague, or even an analyst for reporting data. The power is in your hands.

Task Management for Campaign Users

Related to the feature above, Campaign Users now have the ability to see and assign tasks and due dates. In the past, this functionality was hidden from Campaign Users until we could further refine roles. Also important to note, Account Users will not show up in the drop-down boxes for task assignments unless they get added by the Account Owner in the Manage Teams area.  See a screenshot of the check box below.

Close Up - Account User

Added Features to Recurring Tasks

Based on some great feedback from customers, we added a few new bells and whistles to the custom takes area to further automate workflow for our customers. One addition is the ability to auto-assign a task to one of your team members or to yourself and set a due date. So for example, if you always want a recurring monthly blog post to be assigned to a colleague, you can create the task to show up on the 1st of each month, assign it to that colleague and set the number of days she has to complete the task. It will then set up that operation to run each month and streamline the work. Related to this, we also added two more frequencies of Quarterly and Yearly for recurring tasks. You can see both of these new features in the screenshot below from the Custom Task configuration area.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 17.53.44

As with all of our product updates, we appreciate any and all feedback on these new features. A big thank you to all of the customers who have provided feedback to help us improve the UpCity platform!