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Background on Twitter

Twitter has more than 255 million monthly active users. If you’re new to Twitter, rest assured, there’s someone like you out there trying to figure out how to communicate and grow their followers. At this point, we assume you know how to send tweets and respond to people on Twitter. However, what if you’re looking to increase engagement with new users?

Thanking people for following you on Twitter is great etiquette and a highly regarded practice in the Twitter community. You can always do this directly via one of your social media monitoring tools.

How To Complete

It’s easy to monitor new followers in your Twitter dashboard. If they offer quality content and material of interest, you are able to click through to their Twitter account and follow back.

It’s a pretty simple process — to follow a new Twitter user, just go to their profile page and click “Follow.”

Thanking another user is even simpler. Type in “@” and the name of their Twitter handle, write your ‘Thank you,’ and you’re finished!

A Note on Automation

Twitter has long since banned automated follow software from third-parties. Make sure your follows are from a regular user and not an algorithm.

For more information on this topic, review Twitter’s rules and best practices here.

To read the rules to following and automatic, click here.

UpCity members, please follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Become an Authority > Become an Authority Basics > Social Networking 101: Join the Conversation.