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We’re very happy to welcome Dr. Eric Mitz, a great UpCity client, to the blog!

EvansvilleChiropractor.com is a chiropractic clinic located in Evansville, Indiana, run by Dr. Eric L. Mitz, DC. He is a leading chiropractic authority on sports injuries, auto accident injuries, and pregnancy care. Dr Mitz’s clinic offers top quality comprehensive and holistic care, a well-trained staff of healthcare professionals, and a full service physical therapy department. No need goes unfulfilled at the Hamilton Clinic, and Dr. Mitz gives his very best chiropractic care for his patients!

Now that we have the introductions out of the way, let’s get right into the top aspects of Dr. Mitz’s online visibility!

Positive Marks for Dr. Eric Mitz

1. Up-to-date blog articles

Do you having a difficult time staying relevant in the search engines? Follow Dr. Mitz’s example to keep your blog updated! A robust blog that is updated on a consistent basis is far more valuable than you would believe. Google highly favors new content above old information, so be sure to schedule posts for your editorial calendar similar to Evansvillechiropractor.com.

In addition, keep your blog topics fresh and relatable, and they will index and rank accordingly in the search engines. Not many businesses have the foresight to complete this quality content. Good work!

2. Accessible social media

The Hamilton Clinic prominently features its Facebook, Google+ Local, and Twitter profiles at the bottom of the homepage. While this seems like a small part of the site’s presence, consistent accessibility to social media is extremely important. Connecting with customers and visitors is made extremely easy with the power of social networking, and this is undoubtedly a huge trust metric that search engines take into account.

Social media is also significant in the sharing of site content and spreading personalized feedback to larger individual social circles. It’s important for clients to provide comments and testimonials about their experiences. Overall, the Hamilton Clinic is off to a great start with its social media!

3. Fantastic mobile site design

As we traverse into the age of mobile devices, it is important that businesses optimize their sites for mobile, especially if they target a local audience. Dr. Mitz followed this important task in the UpCity tool and designed the site to correctly display mobile interfaces.

You can see an example of the site’s nice looking mobile interface here (courtesy of MobilePhoneEmulator.com):

Mobile-optimized sites rank higher in local search terms, as they provide a more comfortable user experience than non-optimized sites. Do your business a favor: learn about mobile marketing, and get your website a mobile version!

4. Great XML Sitemap

Without a sitemap, search engines cannot properly crawl the content on a website. The Hamilton Clinic demonstrates a superb XML-formatted sitemap. When a website has a successful sitemap, the Google bots efficiently review and index the content for ranking in search results. It also helps lead navigation for users. Learn more about how to complete an XML sitemap for your business.

Quick Wins for Dr. Eric Mitz

1. Complete your Google Plus Local listing

At UpCity, we believe that Google Plus Local is a tremendous asset to any small business looking to increase its local visibility. The Hamilton Clinic is off to a great start by creating a Google Plus Local profile and linking back to its site. The next steps to take the page even further are to start uploading images and collecting customer reviews. These tactics will help Hamilton Clinic build out its Google Plus page, creating a strong factor for its authority and online presence.

2. More engagement on social media

The mannerisms you display on social media reflect the outlook of your business as a whole. Therefore, it’s important to take your website engagement seriously. Treat your visitors with transparency and kindness, and your followers with treat your business the same way. While the Hamilton Clinic is enduring a lot of content creation, engagement is another piece of the puzzle that can be more fleshed out.

For example, you do not have to include links in every Facebook or Twitter update (it makes your followers feel like you only want to sell them something or send them somewhere). Instead, just send a question or post a comment. You may or may not receive a response, but either way, your business is offering value to clients.

Overall, this business is a relatively newer domain, so it may take some time to see how these changes affect the site in the long term. Our guess is it will be for the better!

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