We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Small Business Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business website and presents three easy strategies that will provide the greatest impact on improving its visibility in search engines, local and social profiles.

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Lucas Marc Design is a locally-focused small business in American Fork, Utah. Designer and owner Lucas Baker has more than eight years of professional experience in addition to college degrees in Graphic Design and Business Management. As a robust graphic and web design shop, clients who contract work with Lucas Marc Design will communicate with Lucas directly. This close communication builds greater trust between you and his trusted brand as opposed to a faceless designer in a much larger agency.

It goes without saying that the overall design for this website is excellent. Let’s jump right into some of the other positive aspects of Lucas Marc Design, which will help find a clear picture of some quick fixes to administer and improve the online profile.

Lucas Marc Design’s Positive Marks

1. Keywords are in the meta description.

We know that link-building is all the rage these days, but on-site SEO is also significant to search rankings. Meta tags serve as the webpage summaries in search engine listings. Even in 2013, meta tags are still important.

iAcquire recently stated: “If your webpage were a commercial, this would be its slogan. In our upcoming search behavior study in cooperation with SurveyMonkey we’ve found that 43.2% of people click on a given result due to the meta description.”

Courtesy of SEO Site Checkup:

2. The company has an active Facebook.

On the social media front, Lucas Marc Design performs wells. The Facebook is definitely a strong online tool in the small business’s arsenal. Regular engagement and positive testimonials off to the side are sure to immensely benefit the page and boost sales. Here he is able to build trust and provide valuable content specifically for his customer base.

 3. Local phone numbers are listed.

As we mentioned in previous posts, local telephone numbers serve as tracking data for local SEO. Make it easy for customers to contact you when a local phone information is displayed on your site. In addition, other local tracking data, like the address, city and state, should be included on your optimized webpages.

Quick Wins for Lucas Marc Design

1. Add a blog to your website.

Currently, the “Blog” tab on the homepage redirects to Lucas Marc’s Facebook page.  However, the company stands to generate more traffic to the site once it starts regularly publishing new content. The business will gain new customers and search engine traffic if it begins a blogging routine.

If you’re interesting in learning how to add a WordPress blog to your existing website, read one of our past articles on the subject.

2. Create a Google+ Local page for your business.

After a couple minutes of digging, we found Lucas Marc Design’s local listing in Yellow Pages. Therefore, we suggest walking a step further and creating a Google+ Local page.

Google+ is a simple ways to ensure that your website gets free search traffic. Oftentimes a company will create a Google+ page, link it back to their main site, and not touch it afterward, but feel free to keep active! We highly encourage you to add content on the Google+ page here and there to keep it fresh and interesting.

3. Augment homepage title tag to include the specific business location.

Another common mistake among webmasters working on their on-site SEO is not including their location.

The title tag displays and targets a more competitive keyphrase:

“Utah Professional Graphic Design”

However, the website can lift its traffic if the meta data becomes locally specific. As a quick fix, we recommend including the full name of the business location (city AND state) to optimize the title tags:

“American Fork, Utah Professional Graphic Design”

Of course, this title tag change will result in the number of characters to increase past 70. In the end, we decided to repurpose the entire title tag and make it easier on the eyes:

We updated the original title tag:

“Lucas Marc Design | Website Design | Logo Design | Utah Professional Graphic Design”

and changed it to:

“Lucas Marc Design | American Fork, Utah Professional Website & Logo Graphic Design”

Just putting a little bit of time into accomplishing these tips will yield great results for Lucas Marc Design. Let us know if the tips were helpful!

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