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Westgate Family Dental is a dental clinic located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1979, the dental office provides dental services and procedures, including root canal therapy, wisdom teeth extraction, grafting, and more! The Westgate Family Dental staff have worked together for more than 15 years and have more than 100 years of combined industry experience. They make it a top priority to treat patients with the highest quality of care. Westgate Family Dental does its best to keep as much of its valuable service in-house to get your teeth the most efficient and effective care on the market.

Westgate Family Dental certainly puts a smile on your face when you get a chance to look at its history of customer satisfaction. Now that the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to assess the business’s web presence!


Positive Marks for Westgate Family Dental

1. The company’s social media profiles are prominently displayed.

For a small business, social media profiles are one of the highest contributing factors to customer engagement on the web. Social media allows the customer to quickly and efficiently remark and connect with a business. Social media profiles also help build authority for companies.

Westgate Family Dental has its social media engagement right on the mark! Its Twitter, Facebook, and even Google Plus pages are updated on a consistent basis. Other small business owners should take note of this company’s example; constant posts help them foster a tight-knit community with new and existing patients. Bravo, team!

westage family dental social media

2. Local indicators are easily identifiable.

Even as a local business, your website needs to incorporate the same location information to be beneficial toward your online visibility. Apply the same location standards you set on keywords that you do onto your website. For example, keep your data as specific to your geography as possible. Include the City, State, and Phone Number on your website. Your site will become more specific when your target audience is more defined. Westgate Family Dental utilizes a local phone number and its exact address to draw in customers on the homepage.

Local information

3. The blog delivers strong content.

Owning a blog has several upsides for a small business. First, a blog can help you create free content for your consumer base to enjoy. Blog content cements in the client’s mind that you are a giving source of value.

The second upside is increasing traffic. Crafting a strong base of content paves the way for visitors from all sorts of audiences to get engaged with a brand. Westgate Family Dental publishes an excellent blog, complete with informative content, vibrant visuals, and more. Although the blog isn’t frequently updated, it is highly relevant and written on a consistent basis. Not many small businesses can say the same for their own blogs. Nice work!


Quick Wins for Westgate Family Dental

1. Build more backlinks to high authority websites.

While Westgate Family Dental operates a worthwhile site, it has less use if few people see it. In general, the more backlinks a site has linking back to it, the more likely it receives a high volume of traffic. More importantly, a site with several high authority backlinks outweighs a site with thousands of low quality backlinks. This is where Westgate Family Dental can hone its edge over the nearby competition.

As you can see in the UpCity tool image below, the website shows a handful of backlinks, but we encourage you to work on that number. By reaching out and actively promoting its content to relevant sites, the company can build more links and greater traffic than its competitors. It’s a simple solution but will work to implement and gain results.

UpCity tool report

2. Clear up your duplicate listings.

We understand that sometimes businesses relocate. In the process, listings that made sense previously end up as duplicates in the eyes of search engines. After running Westgate Family Dental through GetListed.org, we found a couple of duplicate listings with an address distinct from the one listed on its website. If you want to get rid of these duplicates right away, we recommend contacting the listing directories and requesting for immediate removal. Here is a more detailed guide to removing duplicates.

getlisted org yellow pages

 getlisted org google

3. Add an email subscription service to your website.

The icing on the cake for the company’s blog is to install an email subscription service. While you can certainly generate and convert visitors who read the blog into active patients, you miss out on valuable contact information. With email contact information, you could send promotions and deals for qualified visitors to try out your dental service. Additionally, an email service may guarantee that your website has visitors return to your website for more free content. We’ve included a list of top notch email marketing applications as suggestions.

Overall, the Westgate Family Dental team has crafted a brilliant website! We’re certain that after Westgate Family Dental applies some these changes, its online presence will markedly improve!

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