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702 Air Duct Cleaning is a Las Vegas, Nevada air duct cleaning company. Established in 1997, it garnered a strong reputation for its quality service in air duct cleaning and dust removal process, eliminating odors, mold, or bacteria that could reside within air ducts. The company provides customer satisfaction every step of the way and services areas in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City, Nevada.

702 Air Duct Cleaning has many great aspirations in 2014, so let’s discuss some of its positive marks to kick things off.

Positive Marks for 702 Duct Cleaning

1. The company provides top notch trust metrics.

When a site completes its trust metrics, Google looks more favorably on the rankings in search engines. This is good news for 702 Air Duct Cleaning, as its domain has been around for more than two years, according to our UpCity tool. An aged domain that is consistently updated is more trustworthy than a site that shows less tenure and updates more frequently, depending on the industry. Websites are calculated with a different level of search trust depending on their influence. Excellent work for keeping your domain in shape, team!

702 air duct cleaning trust metrics upcity tool

2. Their website is indexed in the best search engines.

If you want to increase the traffic levels for your website, we recommend getting it crawlable for the search engine bots. Search engines validate your site, which allows Google, Bing, or Yahoo to recognize your website. The engines know your pages are ready for searching, crawling, and archiving. Congrats on getting this essential task completed!

702 air duct cleaning indexing upcity tool

3. The site’s accessibility is first rate.

Long load times are not a site’s best friend. More importantly, search engines view longer load times as a hinderance to their users. As a result, sites with extremely long load times drop in rank, while speedy, efficient sites give the upperhand. Luckily, this isn’t the case for 702 Air Duct Cleaning, since the company sites takes less than three seconds to fully populate a web browser.

702 air duct cleaning accessbility upcity tool

Quick Wins for 702 Duct Cleaning

1. Build more backlinks for your website.

A goal for 702 Air Duct Cleaning would be to build more backlinks and receive high traffic. Backlinks are the result of other sites finding value in your content or website and linking back to it on their own pages or posts. Doing this also boosts your authority within the search engines, viewing your site as a relevant presence within your niche. There are quite a few ways to build backlinks, such as mentioning other companies on your own website, writing a blog post, and guest posting on other blogs.

702 air duct cleaning link building upcity tool

2. Make your social media profiles easily accessible for your consumers.

702 Air Duct Cleaning certainly demonstrates social media profiles for the brand. Yet, we had to look for these social media profiles. We highly encourage you to display icons on your website and to make sure they are clickable. If the icons are not clickable, this only confuses your visitors.

702 air duct cleaning social media icons

In addition, be sure to update your social networks regularly. We hopped on over to the company’s Facebook page and saw that an update had not been posted for quite a few months:

702 air duct cleaning facebook

We also check the Google Plus page to find the same result:

702 air duct cleaning google plus

Start updating your social networks with valuable content, and you will certainly find more traffic in the future!

3. Insert your target keyphrase within the TITLE tag.

Your site will find high search results in Google when you insert a main keyword in the TITLE tag. This task is yet another significant indicator that your site is relevant to your targeted market. A title tag communicates what your website is all about. Simply configure this keyword into your site, lead with an important key phrase, and you are good to go!

702 air duct cleaning on-site upcity tool

4. Start a blog.

The only content pages present on the website are one page layouts about individual services. Though this content works perfectly well, you could create much better text for your audience by incorporating a blog into your site. Google generally favors sites that update and provide new information. Keeping the same data on your site robs you of the visibility you would otherwise get by creating a following through content.

Although these fixes may be quick, they won’t boost 702 Air Duct Cleaning’s traffic overnight. However, the company will have taken the right steps in to be in a better place to receive traffic. Follow these quick steps, and your website will be on the right track to SEO success in 2014!

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