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Dial One Roofing is a local roofing service located in Portland, Oregon that provides 24-hour maintenance for all customers and enterprises. Get help from experienced technicians who perform at the highest level of quality and professionalism in your roofing management. For more than three decades, Dial One Roofing has provided thousands of clients with top-of-the-line roofing services. Take a look at the company’s website to view the array of services it offers!

Dial One Roofing is clearly a noteworthy company. Let’s give the website an audit to mark where it can improve!

First, here is some positive feedback on the site.

dial one roofing homepage

Positive Marks for Dial One Roofing

1. The website prominently presents its local indicators.

If local businesses want to get the benefits from optimizing for local, they have to display local indicators on their sites. Dial One Roofing does an excellent job of this. The company has a call-to-action bar that overlays the homepage. The bar includes a direct line for emergency roof repair (the phone number also contains a local area code, which is a big plus).

dial one roofing local phone number

The footer also includes the address of Dial One Roofing’s place of business.

dial one roofing address

Great local optimization there, guys! Keep it up.

2. Dial One Roofing ranks highly for its targeted keywords in certain search engines.

In our UpCity tool, we can look at the reporting data on the company. From this data, we see that Dial One Roofing ranks highly for its main keywords in Bing and Yahoo. It stands at #6 in both search engines. While not up to par in the Google search engines, we’re positive some of the tips we give below can increase its page rank. Nice work on your rankings!

dial one roofing upcity tool ranking summary

3. The company has a Google Plus Local page.

For a local business, nothing is much more important than getting listed in local directories. Dial One Roofing has its priorities in order, as it has a polished Google Plus Local page that it can link to. Additionally, this helps improve your rankings in both desktop and mobile search. Congratulations on the top notch local optimization!

dial one roofing google plus local

Quick Wins for Dial One Roofing

1. Incorporate your social media profiles into your site.

While the company is doing well with its online visibility in some respects, its social media connectivity can still be tweaked. For example, its social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus are superb, but not available on the site. Dial One Roofing’s social media should be accessible in order for customers and visitors to connect more easily. We recommend linking to these profiles in either the header or footer of your website.

dial one roofing twitter page

2. Set up an email capture system for your blog.

Now, the company site has a blog, and that’s perfect (though it should also update its blog content). Still, Dial One Roofing does not have an email newsletter to accompany the written content. An email newsletter builds a stronger sense of community around your blog, in addition to providing you with leads that may potentially purchase your services.

If you’d like to learn more about email marketing, check out some of the top blogs you can learn from on the subject.

dial one roofing blog

3. Build more backlinks to your website.

As we mentioned earlier, Dial One Roofing can boost its search rankings in Google, but it needs to first build more high quality links back to the main site. As you can see in this chart from the UpCity tool, some of its competitors have more backlinks leading to their own webpages. There are many ways to build links, such as guest posting, submitting your site to local directories, and using social media.

dial one roofing backlinks

Online visibility is a difficult feat to complete, but with these quick SEO wins, Dial One Roofing will rank much better in Google down the line! Remember that these changes don’t happen overnight, but you can optimize your website right now to get a head start.

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