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It’s time for another excellent candidate for today’s edition of Small Business Quick Wins!

WirelessDefensiveDriving.com is an online driving school for Texas drivers. Launched in 1998, it was the first and only online school in the state of Texas. Now, the course is utilized through mobile devices, and it aims to be convenient and portable to Texas customers. Based in Dallas, the team behind this product is well-rounded and dedicated to providing the greatest experience possible for drivers.

Now that we have the background of WirelessDefensiveDriving.com in mind, let’s check out the website for some positive marks!

Positive Marks for Wireless Defense Driving

1. It showcases high quality social media messaging.

Social media is meant to be exactly that: social. Thankfully WirelessDefensiveDriving.com’s social media messaging really encompasses this mindset. Take a look at the business’s Facebook page. The status updates are friendly, outgoing, and encourage engagement.

 The company’s Facebook stream also contains several images and videos so as not to overly rely on one kind of media. Furthermore, updates are frequent and build solid rapport with its followers. This is a social media model many businesses can easily emulate.

2. It demonstrates a fully fleshed out Google Plus Local page.

We really like the site’s Google Plus Local page because it has all of the information necessary for customers to visit the site, as well as posts that give a very personal vibe. Funny images, helpful videos, and links to articles populate the stream. These elements combined provide a smart edge over other local competitor pages that contain less content.

3. It consists of a good amount of links.

In the UpCity tool, we see that WirelessDefensiveDriving.com has enough links to be ranked strongly within the search engines. Links signify authority, so its best to create high quality links on a regular basis. While the business can stand to increase its links, what it has so far definitely suffices. Keep up the great work, team!

Quick Wins for Wireless Defense Driving

1. Verify your website in local directories.

Wireless Defense Driving is locally focused within the Dallas, Texas area. Therefore, it stands to benefit a great deal from local directories. According to Yext, it looks like the business has not completely verified its listings. We advise to double-check this information and get these essential listings claimed.

wireless defensive driving powerlistings

2. Encourage customers to provide more local reviews.

Having been around since 1998, we believe WirelessDefensiveDriving.com has a great reputation. What we would like to see, however, is its pristine reputation reflected in its online presence. There aren’t many easily accessible reviews of the company’s work online. We found one review on its Google Plus Local page.

WirelessDefensiveDriving.com shows two filtered reviews on its Yelp listing. We only read them by entering a verification code:

wireless defensive driving yelp

In the end, the quick solution is to encourage reviews from your long-time customers. Reading about real-life experiences encourages others in the purchase process. This will significantly benefit your business in local search.

3. Include the city and state in your <TITLE> tag.

Although this is a small nitpick in your website optimization, but specifying your business location helps its ranking in the search engines. A title of a webpage tells users and search engines what the topic of a particular site is. Add “Dallas” in the title tag like:

“Defensive Driving Online Course Dallas, Texas TEA Approved.”

Overall, we think Wireless Defensive Driving is doing an outstanding job, and incorporating these fixes into its inbound marketing strategy can highly benefit its business. We really admire the company’s content strategy and hope it continues to improve its online visibility with the tips provided here!

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