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Today, we are pleased to announce the arrival of a new small business client, Cape Fear Property Management!

CapeFearPropertyManagement.com is a property management company in Wilmington, NC. Cape Fear Property Management handles leasing and manages residential and commercial properties for apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, and townhouses.

Cape Fear Property’s unique management style offers a hands-on approach to customers. The company also facilitates open communication to brokerage services and other real estate investment providers. Perhaps most important of all is its main goal to please the client and provide quality service.

We’re glad to have this respectable client using our UpCity platform. Let’s take a look at the company’s positive marks to start.

Positive Marks for Cape Fear Property Management

1. The homepage has specific location pages.

Cape Fear Property Management serves multiple local neighborhoods and takes this strategy into account. The business created specific pages for each location, which helps to focus your keywords and acquire more targeted visitors through the search engines. Wilmington, Leiland, and Castle Hayne are among the webpages listed in the site’s footer. Great targeting here, guys!

2. A lead capture system is in place.

Truth be told, there are plenty of instances on the website where customers can simply enter their contact information in order to receive more information about the services Cape Fear Property provides. Easy accessibility to the company builds trust between the customer and the service provider. This can come in the form of a newsletter, email address, or even a contact form. Additionally, this gives the company the option to contact interested customers.

3. The local indicators are prominently displayed.

Local indicators, such as an address and phone number, are positive assets in the local search engines. These quick yet essential data points signal your small business’s location to geo-targeted visitors. Businesses that follow this rule will perform much better in the search results and in organic search traffic. Moreover, they are more likely to gain calls and sales from nearby competitors that do not place these local indicators on the site.

Quick Wins for Cape Fear Property Management

1. Fix inactive links on the homepage.

While Cape Fear Property has a Google Plus Local page that links back to the main site, the Google Plus social media link (that is prominently displayed at the top of the page) is inactive.

Linking to Google Plus will indeed help your business in the search engines, bolstering its authority as well. Simply link it up as with your other media, and the issue is quickly resolved. Moreover, one of the specific page links on the website footer redirects to an error message when clicked. Broken links make your site look unsatisfactory to visitors: remember that perception is important where conversions are concerned.

2. Encourage your customers to leave reviews in Google Plus Local.

Upon searching for reviews on Cape Fear Property Management, we could not find any within the Google SERPs. In an age of local reviews and reputation, a local business without any local reviews is perceived as more skeptical. Therefore, we advise the company to encourage past customers to leave reviews of its service on Google Plus Local and other respected review sites. Real-life local reviews (especially positive ones) boost local search rankings and will bring more geo-targeted traffic to the site.

3. Insert both the city and the state in the title tag.

With local search, your website will earn better rankings if you are more specific in your header tags. In our UpCity Tool, we see that the homepage title tag contains the city name but neglects to include the state of North Carolina:

‘Wilmington Property Management and Property Managers, Wilmington Houses and Houses for Rent.’

The title tags would be better served by adding ‘NC’ after ‘Wilmington’ demonstrated by the example below:

It’s very important to include your target keywords in the title tags. The site is more likely to earn higher conversion rates and target viewers from a combination of these important keywords.

We feel that as long as Cape Fear Property Management follows these tips, continues to list their site in local directories, and builds local reputation, it will become a very strong force in its area.

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